Call of Duty 4 (PSN)

Got this around Christmas and I really like it. So I’m making this thread for PSN related CoD4 discussion. I know there is already one in GD, but whatever.

This includes but is not limited to Class Setups, Map and Gameplay Strategies, Matchmaking, etc… etc…

If anyone has this and wants to get in some games, I usually play Team Deathmatch, Ground War or FFA, but I’m down for any game type. My PSN ID is ddebel00 and I usually have [WARR] as my clan tag, though it isn’t a clan… yet.

Also, if anyone wants to start a casual clan for CoD4 to have chill people to play with… lemme know and we’ll do the damn thing.

Anyway - CoD4, get it and discuss.

I’m online usually, but it’s winter break, so that’s not gonna last much longer for me.

This game has absolutely consumed most of my gaming time. I got it for Christmas too and it sure lives up to the hype.

I play FFA, Ground War, TD and sometimes Old School. I’ve been invited to one party so far and it’s so fun playing with 20 other people that have a headset.

Comparing this game to a game like Resistance is like comparing GBA ST to the real thing. It’s that damn good.

Also got this for Chirstmas. Usually spend most of my time playing ground war or search and destroy. PSN is SergeantDiaz.

Go ahead and add me too, usually play TDM or domination, have yet to check out the other modes though.

PSN: ncc

can anyone say…CLAN SRK?!?..yea…

look for me, mikefrom707

best sniper setup is IMO m40a1 (tiger camo = secks), c4, stopping power, iron lung
hardcore i usually use m40, UAV jammer, dead silence, and bomb squad. sometimes i’ll use the m16 with silencer though

anyone play the new map yet?

and i am usually on team tactical or hc s&d

whoa, didnt know there was a thread for this. well im on normally late at night… 11PM-2AM. feel free to add me.

Hey guys I usually play in team deathmatch and ground war so feel free to add me up. And I must say that this game is intense online =)

PSN: tCPiNoY86

tcpinoy? temple city?

Hey guys, just wondering… How many people are usually online? I’m picking this game up tomorrow so yeah.

I’m on any time I don’t have school work or homework. Just got into my college routine so I’m sure I’ll be on more in the coming weeks.

My usual setups include:
M16 w/ red dot sight, 3x frag, stopping power, deep impact


Silenced P90 w/ stopping power, 3x frags, and steady aim

Edit: I’m a friggin slacker and have yet to add anyone in this thread to my friends list. I plan to do this tonight… HOO HA!

Lots of people are usually online when the servers aren’t down, which are thankfully up more often these days. The biggest games come from Ground War.

haha naww man. tC is the car i drive :clap:

Buddy of mine plays…
His username is **Tronimrich

**He’s registered on SRK as well… but doesn’t really post much.

awesome game although i havent had much time to play online lately.
add me. psn: riskbreaker76

alright, updated post!

[FGC] (Fighting Game Community) clan! GOGO

It’s a joint cod4 clan between tekkenzaibatsu forums and shoryuken forums. psn players:

dbostick psn players:


here’s the link to the tz cod4 page
here’s the link to srk cod 4 page

if you dont want your name on the list, just tell me

cmon, post up if you play on psn! add all the names you see above and lets get some FGC games in damnit

to change your tag, go to barracks and change clan tag to [FGC]


yo i play this mostly
add me ChronicDynasty

I got my bro-in laws ps3 for like 4 more days, lets do this…
Add Me “Contactor”…
Send me a msg.

add me p_r0phet

damn, i’m such a beast!