Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 {Matchmaking, Challenges, Recruiting, Training}


Please use this thread to find an opponent that you wish to play against or team up with.

This thread is to prevent clutters and to keep it organize. This is only for Playstation Network. Also, feel free to post videos of your game-play. We wish to learn from you and see how you do in battles.

I’ll be uploading videos as time goes by.

PSN: Imashbuddenz (This is my spare account).
Bluetooth: Yes
Region: US/East Coast



Anybody that wants to add me for some Deathmatch or HQ in a possible clan go ahead and add me. If my friends list is full just send invite and I’ll make room for you. Noted that I enjoy playing mostly DM and HQ but I’m open for any games people want to play.



PSN: shoryuken
Headset: yes
Region: US/Northwest



I haven’t played in a while but when I’m warmed up I’m generally on point.

I quickscope, hate it or love it…

Psn: Combo_Knight.
Headset: Not atm
Region: East coast USA


I just got the game yesterday and already got hatemail lol.


Maybe you’re camping too much that’s why they send you hatemail.


Oh is that frowned upon? What is camping exactly? I move around a lot but at times, I’m not gonna run down the middle like an idiot. I think the guy got mad because I went like 23 and 7 as a low ranked player (Level 22?). It was more bitching and raging on the dude’s part.


PM me if you want to play over XBL. Looking for some mature players with great teamwork who have a mic.


Ah Noriega. I thought I had you on my fl when we were playing hdr. Gonna try and add u.


PSN: thinobuns
Headset: no
Region: US Pacific

no videos yet


I’m willing to bet it was I who removed you, since I was doing a FL cleanup and we rarely played or chatted. I was recently removed by two people myself, I have the space for you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sent you a FR. To everyone: my MW3 vids can be found at the link in my sig. :slight_smile:


hello everyone, I know it’s June and most players have a clan already but I was just wondering if anybody here wanted to be in one. We’re a Fight game clan from way back when mvc2 was still fresh and we branched off into cod. Message platinumrings on the ps3 if you’re interested. we got cool giveaways too.


Eeew mw3. Worst cod imo.