Call of Duty: MW2 Clan

Ok my SRK brethren, lets get this started! I know there is another thread on COD: MW2 but I think we need a thread specifically for the SRK Clan. I’ve never started a clan so I’m not too smart on how creating one works beyond getting everyone together with the same clan tag. If anyone knows something about getting a clan started, please advise.

Start listing your IDs and lets start this clan!

PSN: ktm0066

If you wanna make it competitive, then it’s a crapload of work, as I’ve been in a few. Ended up quitting because I couldn’t make the hours. IMO, just put SRK for your clan tag when you can, to show you’re on here. Then before we go into the match we all shout “We Da Best!”

PSN: Quebert69

cocks shotgun Let’s kill these bitches.

Ok sounds good. Thanks.

i think SRK tag sounds good =)

PSN: philcito

I use to play the first modern warfare too.

im in for this

i’m down, but its gonna take me a bit to get used to fps.

PSN: cynistar

Oh, and if anybody wants to they can send me a FR if they wanna play SF4 sometime, as well. forgot to add that to my original post.

Yeah I’m down for an SRK clan also. Hit me up! My PSN is:


Count me in:

FujiwaraDashing is my PSN ID. I also take all friend requests.

Count me in as well

psn is grimlock282…i dont mind friend taking requests

i also play sf4 all the time if people want to get some games in

You’re definitely right about that, we can’t really play competitively if we don’t expect to put in the hours for it. But it’s a very nice idea to have the same people who play SF4 and MW2 on the same friends list :tup:

For competitive play:
The only downside I see from this is that you can’t really exceed 6-8 (+/- 3 offline) people in this clan because regular rooms only hold up to 12 people, 6 people on either team. Ground war, domination etc. hold more people which will account for 8 people. Then you have the people on your team who aren’t online on the time and still wish to be a part of the clan +/- 3 people. Any more will be kind of pointless since the others who are in the same clan with you will be put on the other team, while the rest of his clan beats 'em down.

Im down like hookers on Friday nite! Lets body sumpden!

i’m a FPSbeast

too bad they sent me the wrong version -.-;;

i’m down when i get it TOMORROW -.-;;;;;

So who’s going to be in charge of setting things up and running da clan? Would that be you ktm? And when are we gonna start poppin off shots at other peeps together as a clan? Tonight maybe?

We’ll if the SRK clan thing doesn’t work out I would still like to add a few of you people to run games with. I play mostly every night around midnight (Est) with 2-3 other friends that do the same, so you play during the same time we can definitely run 6v6 TDM, so we won’t have to worry about random people messing up our team work.

My stats at the moment.


Add me for tonight.

so whats the deal with doing this or what? add me ppl :tup:

added all of you so far

Just got the game Today.


“Strangers are friends waiting to happen.”

Well, I think this thread is actually pretty good because at its providing psn names for people to connect. Some of these people are already on my friends list from HDR.

I’m with Dark-Danz, if the clan don’t work out, I’d still like to add some of you to run some TD with. Just gotta pick up a headset. Anybody know if them bluetooth wireless headsets are any good? They look uncomfortable.