Call of Duty thread: always bet on Black. OPS. Unless it sucks

If anybody wants to get the general info for the new game I’ll be happy to post it up. I closed the other thread because it was astronomically huge and navigating the thread was a nightmare.

Have fun.

Call of Duty is to first person shooters as Brawl is to fighting games

That is the only post that will ever matter in the entire thread. You might as well just close this one, now.

I’m on the ps3 unfortunately, stupid xbox.

I was going to ask if we can start a new thread but well…I’m slow…for now here RC:

Call of Duty: Black Ops - The Call of Duty Wiki - Call of Duty: Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty 4, characters and more the wiki

Josh Olin (JD_2020) on Twitter Josh Olin = MP community Manager

will get more general info posted up soon!

Gonna need some more wayfayers to keep the zombie splatter off of JFK.

Spec Ops, a novelty that was never expanded on.

CoD Zombies, an endless pursuit of survival, ala the score chase.

Can’t wait to play. I roll on the PStriple.

Get hype! New thread, new game, same salty FPStud

he mad…

aha! found my receipt for my preorder…damn still gotta pay 16 bucks for my hardened edition. good thing I got paid! I’ll be up the rest of the night playing FYI. who’s rollin’ late night tonight? :cool:

edit ok I have been seeing so much hate again, that CoD ain’t what it used to be…and all kinds of other shit look, when did every movie have to be a work of art and when did games stop being about mindless fun? Why can’t I sit down, turn off my brain, and watch explosions behind a Ferrari 350 going at 165 miles an hour? Why can’t I have the same in a game like CoD?

yes they pose a level of realism but who says I can’t have it both ways?

I’m debating hitting Wal-Mart at like 1 a.m. instead of going to GameStop to collect my preorder but it probably won’t end up happening. Good luck and everyone enjoy the hype! I hope this’ll be big.


Im a n00b to COD, only playin since Mw2 and skipped WoW cuz fuck vietnam, haha… but Im excitied to played this game and see what trayacrh has done!


Whats gonna be special about prestige mode in this one? What have they done in the past?

More shyt… more money… ???

I’m glad we got twittledee and twittledum posts out of the way.

i’m excited, i’m getting this shit as soon as i get paid. back to the training room with boxer

nando: you skipped world at war because fuck vietnam?? huh? you realize WaW took place during the downfall of the third reich. world war 2.
black ops is in vietnam.

First direct feed Wii gameplay. Quite a good looking game. Lots of detail. Shame about some of the models, but you’ll hardly notice in a fire fight. [media=youtube]yRHN5eU5MYc[/media]

So far the youtube commentators say this game is not noob friendly and people who try to noob tube will get stomped.

Picking it up in 2 hours am ready.

ill wait till fed ex delivers tomorrow. NO rush and will be on MW2 later on tonight after my food is finished cooking.

I was gonna say maybe inferno should have created the thread and kept the first post active with info.

If he wants to, that’s fine. NObody stepped up when I asked in the thread a few weeks ago. Inferno, if you want to start another one, feel free and I’ll close this one.

I’m about 3 games behind. I still need to play WaW single player,same with modern Warfare 2. I’ll get black ops probably next year.

there’s actually not a lot of Vietnam play in this, just one small level.

NOPE! haha… I did notice Zzzzzooommmmbiiiieeezzzzz
I skipped it cuz I didnt have money n i think I bought somethin else. I member I was like, fuck Left 4 dead, This COD, n ZOmbies, haha…

Now that u mention it, I did member ppl sayin it was the Japanese front and how that was the first time any1 has done (or jus COD)
but i was so fuckin baked most of the time, i didnt remember, lmao.

I member the tommy gun too… havin a blunt n bein like, Meeeh seee, we need to make more booze seee… Copers aint gonna get meee seee… haha

haha… but is there anythin special or hidden in prestige mode, Like more classes or u get more money or some shyt in the old ones that Miiiiight hint somethin in this one?>

My order from Amazon shipped already, I’ll be taking my time with playing it also. Getting late to the game in MW2 didn’t change much, after a few days everyone will pretty much be on equal footing anyway.