Call of Duty type system and Fighting games


First off let me say I have never played COD series but I have played Halo before. And recently heard Halo 4 is going have aspects like COD such as perks and lvling and started to think about why. Because COD added Lvling up and talents(perks) to FPS genre aka like world of warcraft with a gun. So I wonder how the community(your guys opinions) would feel about a fighting game like that. I know that many tourneys don’t like the gems in StreetxTekken and most ban them. But I wasn’t thinking of tourney consumer base. COD series makes a lot of money and has a lot of fans but it isn’t in any tourneys. While having talents, leveling and even items in a fighting game would not be good for tourneys. I think it would be good for online. I had fun playing Heros and Heralds online, and it’s fun messing with the gems in street fighter x tekken, and while it’s only visual I like messing around with Soul Calibur V’s create a character. There a plenty of shooters where you customize your character, their look, their weapons, and their abilities. What about a fighting game like that.
Like a fighting built around your gameplay. I mean there have already been aspects of it in popular fighting games. Like Marvel heroes with the chaos gems, now street x tekken, Smash bros(which i know isn’t consider a fighting game but is tourney scene).
But what about a game made for casuals or even hard core fighters. I mean let’s face a person that luvs fighting games casual or hardcore feels the progression from scrub to top tier. Maybe it would be more fun if there was something that represent that. You know you start at lvl 1 and get xp for wins,
maybe even a lil for losses, and maybe extra ones for certain combos like counters, or air combos, or otgs and such. Similar to kill streaks and certain unlocks in COD. Basically to built a fighting game around things we luv to do and see. Plus it would give incentive in my opinion for fighters to play differently. I really don’t if there is a game like this but I hope there is. Your guys thoughts?


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No No No No No!
The whole reasons fighting games are fun in general is because you earn all of your skills on your own. Not from grinding it out to gain levels but from thinking intelligently about ways that you can improve and practicing to improve your dexterity. Giving an advantage just for playing a whole bunch is silly and trivial and If I wanted to be rewarded for just spending time on a game I would play an RPG.


So anarchy reigns?



and OP, Most fighting games already have ranking/leveling up systems, tekken and virtua fighter for example.


if they add leveling up to fighting games i will quit fighting games


They should really add Enter keys to fighting game forum poster keyboards.


lol no.
Last thing we need is more people basing their skill on their online numbers/ranking etc.

I noticed that with FPS players turned FG players.
In the beginning they play online. That’s fine.
But once they start thinking they are good because they have x amount of Points or a certain rank ONLINE they start believing their play is flawless.
FG =/= FPS
Play offline and no lag whatsoever.
FPS dudes can’t get that throught their heads at first, but they come around.


What about a fighting game where each character is kind of like Frank West in UMvC3? Each character changes dynamically with their levels, but each player starts at level 1 at the beginning of the match. It’s nothing like what the OP is talking about but it would be cool.


yes just lets add the cancer that is killing gaming to fighting games 10/10 quality thread


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no thanks


Sadly, these are the kind of people FG’s are made for today. I wouldn’t be surprised if like half of this guy’s suggestions end up in a fighter some day.