Call of Duty World at War



Info about me and COD: WAW is in my sig.

PM, if interested in playing a few good rounds with me, or simply leave me a message to my live gamertag.



Hit up the general discussion forums, there is a Call of Duty 4/WAW thread already. Quite a few of us from the boards play WAW between SF4, occassionally COD 4 if were in the mood.


I don’t have CoD:WaW,but I play CoD4.

If anyone wants to play online with me,I have the following games: TeamFortress2,CoD4,Halo 3,Lost planet,and Street Fighter 4 send me a friend request,just tex me with the massage; “I’am from” 'cause if you don’t a might dust you off,as if you where some random person.


I play WaW. Shoot me a request. XBL GT: Jugster


I play waw and I am always looking for some good matches. XBL FacePalm


I’m always in for NAZI ZOMBIES!!! Especially the new map for it, owns. :woot:

XBL: iamkenyim


I just got WaW last weekend and I’ve been playin like crazy. Double point weekend just ended, got up to lvl 40. Anyway, gamertag at left, lemme know if you wanna play