Call out other boards- Prove that Saikyo is truley the "Strongest Style"!

I think that we should take after what a Gouken player did a while back (the old coot thought up something good for once…) and challenge other boards to best of 10s with our best players versus theirs, to not only get some very good match up experience but also help us compile some more accurate match ups and perhaps prove to them all that Dan isnt as bad as they think :slight_smile: We should simply make a thread in a character board challenging any players to matches. I think only our best players should show up though, so we should decide here who are the true masters of Saikyo that can rep our homie Dan the man! not only will this bring together our Saikyo community a bit more, itll give this board some much needed activity, and perhaps lead to some new discoveries/tips for Dan vs many other characters.

So whos down!?


oh leh dew eh

lol, as Dan or vs Dan?

EDIT: im nominating Xiahou Mao and UltraDavid as some top Dans. I havent seen many others play :confused: Although i know there are some other good players here like hwnd sugami krackatoa myself d-bus pattybepatty…

In keeping with the theme of my avatar we can call ourselves the Danimals…

I smirked a lot harder than i should have. Goddamn you.

yupp i just started using him

lol, i think we should have more experienced players play first though?

ohhh i get you. i thought it was just a challenge for the other boards’ characters

Best players I’ve seen on videos:

  • Xiahou Mao is quite good all-round
  • Sugami - after doing all those videos I’m sure he’d give a good show
    Now if someone could get Hibiki-San or StripFighterIV to help with this, that would be awesome … but they are Japanese- I doubt they read this forum, and probably the lag would be too big.

Regarding the name, why invent a new one? I propose we call ourselves “Danish”.

UUmm, im going to have to go with Danimals.


Just watch out for Guiles or anyone with mid-range/far-range dominance :P…

Danimals is the best name ever, lol.

The only problem with Sugami is that he lives in a different country than US and I hear the distance makes it lag pretty badly :confused:

Our hardest matchups are going to definantly be Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Ryu, Akuma, Sagat, Honda, Chun, Rog… But I think we can prove that Dan is definantly…mid tier??? Lol…

Our easier matchups are going to be chars with weak wake up game :smiley:

:arazz: :rolleyes: :arazz: :rolleyes:


Ill take on any of the ps3 players

Eumm… there are people outside US playing Street Fighter with a non-dan character. I have seen them.

ive never seen you play or contribute or be positive to anyone really so I cant say anything bout yah.

Oh, duh lmao. Yeah, Sugami could play people in his country at least :smiley:

I’d like to participate, but i play on ps3/I’m garbage!

My controller for console is bust until I finish installing it into my new case and rejigger my wires again. I’m sequestered to Vanilla PC until then.

Lazy stick builder on blast. If I get it running soon, I’ll drop some bones on a fresh XBL subscription.

Im an XBL only warrior- itd be good to have rep from both systems. Im not the best either D:

ahh, that sucks. Definantly play some live when you get your situation figured out!

Sorry, I don’t mean to ignore this thread. :wink: Right now my play time isn’t what it used to be due to outside distractions. If that gets remedied, I’d be up for something like this, but I’m not sure when that might be.

I tend to go in phases with games during my free time, and right now isn’t an SSF4 phase. But I’ll return eventually! Saikyo never dies, it just takes occasional naps.