Call the new characters in XIII. Do It


Yuri, King, and Mai have all been announced for 13. They are filling in the gaps and finishing off the teams. On character select this leaves 6 empty spaces. This is what I call.

Takuma Sakazaki
-because King and Yuri are both on Women Fighters this narrows it down a lot. That is unless they want to throw me a curve ball like Marco Rodriguez

Rival Team
-because Eiji and Billy hate Iori and Mature is back sans 1 eye. Remember what happened when Goenitz tried to kill Rugal with Orochi Power? He lost an eye instead of dying. The same will remain true for Vice and Mature.

Garou Team
This one is a mystery. Kim is teaming up with Raiden (Not Big Bear?) so it can’t be Kim Team or Korea Team. Its kind of a grab bag now although I don’t think Chang or Choi will be in this slot. Maybe the Duck King…

Secret Team.
Simply put this is 1 of 2 teams. This is either K’ Team or the Outlaw Team with likliness going to the former. K’ is too popular to ignore and that means Kula Diamond and Maxima will also return. If Outlaw Team comes back Yamazaki and Billy need to find a replacement for Gato.



We don’t need to “call” them. We already know who was in the code of the console version but not completed in time.

Plus we’ve already seen the designs of the 3 new Phoenix Wright reject characters from XII’s development who will be the new team in XIII.


Sounds like a “call” to me. :slight_smile:


I think it’s ok to assume Hwa Jai on the Fatal Fury team, Takuma on the AoF team, Iori ‘98 and Billy Kane as originally incomplete on the KoF XII disc. I think the new character designs will be scrapped, and the unknown team will be a K’ team with Kula and Whip. Oswald, Mary and Vanessa will be later announced as console exclusives when the game comes home in time for Xmas. Adelheid and Dark Ash as sub-boss, final bosses will also be unlockable.



new team will be made of new characters. i just know it


secret team may be new orochi gang.
Also we have data for Billy on X box 360,
Kim team make no logic so put Billy in it)

main question is secret team is
3)new orochi?
4)complete new heroes(I wish but it not seem so)

so wait.


Boss team:


The Billy in the console version code is not Billy Kane, but Billy Lee/Lewis from Double Dragon.


“K’ Team” was already listed in a hidden image on the official site.

Hwa-Jai (or Billy)


Well Takuma and Vice were just announced today. Looks like I’m right on so far.

I’m still really curious what is going to happen on Kim’s team


I don’t have their cell numbers so I can’t call.


On the real though, This nigga must be from Gamefaqs.


Nope. Not from Gamefaqs at all. I acknowledge that anyone could have made a logical assumption about who was next up and gotten it right. Its not like I’m impressed with myself or anything. I’m just glad I guessed right.



Hwa Jai is confirmed now on what I assume is the Garou Team. Check out Fighters Generation for a vid.