Call to Action: Make forum more approachable!

Why is Street Fighter terminology even more complicated than most strategy games’? For instance. “Shoryuken”, “Uppercut” “f.d.df” (arrows) and “DP” all refer to the same simple input. Not to mention confusing terms like jab, fierce and strong which do not even indicate what they’re referring to, and conflict with newer games. The SRK Glossary is a step in the right direction, but even that is full of contradictions and overcomplicated terms.

Street Fighter has an extremely steep learning curve as it is, and every section and thread on this forum has a ton of conflicting terminology. There should be thousands of new players joining the forum with the release of a new SF game, and there are only a handful who stay. Why? Because it takes hours of your time just to learn what the moves MEAN, let alone learn how to execute them in the game.

With that in mind, if there are three or four different ways to write a simple input, shouldn’t the one which is universally applicable always be used? By that I mean independent of game and character. I personally know a number of people who would have joined the Street Fighter community and learned to play the game, had the terminology not been so confusing.

well the jab/strong/fierce thing I think originated in the arcades where on cabinets have those listed instead of Light Punch/Medium Punch/Hard Punch

same with kicks (short/forward/roundhouse),

they’re associated more with the actual motions of the characters than the relative “strength” of the attack

e.g. Ryu’s standing HK - he performs a roundhouse

or his crouching MK - he pushes his foot forward


Some terms have more than one word for them.

Big deal.

Or stop being lazy.

That’s the entire point of this part of SRK:

It’s covered in rule 3 of the forum rules:

i prefer lp lk mp mk hp hk for reading combos, but when talking aloud about them, i prefer jab strong fierce short forward roundhouse

The forum is actually TOO approachable.
It’s so approachable that every noob feels like he can run his mouth, and top players don’t feel like using the forum as a place for discussion and sharing info anymore. Of course no one will tell you that openly but their actions (where they DO speak about the game, which isn’t here) speak louder.

BTW isn’t the OP the guy who broke his xbox because of the DLC in SFXT? Rest my case.

If people don’t want to play our games and join our community because they’re too lazy to learn some different vocabulary, good riddance. We have enough ignorant morons as is right now.

Not that it truly matters, but I recall my old CE instruction manual referring to attacks as jab/strong/fierce/short/forward/roundhouse.

Also, TC, the series is originally from Japan. So that’s your Dragon Punch=Shoryuken etc

Not to mention some forums on SRK will feel less approachable because there are ALOT of Elitist Assholes here waiting for noobs, scrubs, or just someone period to step outta line for them to confront…

Combine that with the know it all so called “Scrubs” here and that"ll really make someone think twice before even posting a comment or a generous topic for help or just for conversation.

Here is an “approachable” algorithm for your dilemma

while (learning to play game) {

while (confused about terminology) {

visit newbie saikyo dojo
ask questions
while (questions unanswered) {
google question
check to see if SRK replied



Right. English is my third/fourth language, and I feel like I’m on a forum for second graders. It’s kind of entertaining.

I can’t see any reason to think twice about trying to start a conversation or post something articulate and interesting, even when it’s followed by incoherent jungle/ghetto talk. I think people like tataki just miss out on the subtle comedy of their posts. Such as the fact that he’s contradicting his own point, by being over-the-top, almost comically belligerent, while at the same time claiming that the forum is “actually TOO approachable” to new people. I think that’s worth a smile, at least.

Then there are those who don’t understand the difference between subjective arguments and an objective discussion. I’ve also seen advice here on how to find input information, but that was never the subject of my post. It also insinuates that I’m the one who’s somehow uninformed and just need to do more searches. So they’re underlining and confirming the point of the OP, and at the same time misunderstanding the entire topic…

This forum is a LOT more approachable than it was when I joined. When I joined, if you asked the wrong question or gave misinformed information (even unknowingly), you were likely to get “What are you, fucking stupid?” or something similar, and the mods would look the other way. Now people actually get infractions for stuff like that (sometimes.)

As for combos, most hobbies have a certain degree of jargon and/or shorthand associated with them. If you want to take part in said hobby, it’s your responsibility to learn what that jargon/shorthand is so you can converse with the community, as most of this stuff is an agreed upon way of communicating certain ideas or facets of the hobby. If you’re not up to learning, then maybe you should consider another hobby or just watching tv instead. It’s not the community’s responsibility to change the way they communicate because you don’t feel like learning anything new. Good luck.

I usually don’t reply with this much hostility to posts asking about help in any manner, especially helping new people, but I’ve already made a couple of posts about entitlement today so why not one more.

  • If someone in Michigan who used to played Guilty Gear and who refers to joystick directions by numbers takes time out of there day to help you get better shut up and be thankful.
  • If an old school Cali SF player who still refers to buttons by their arcade names takes time out of their day to help you learn the game, SHUT UP AND BE THANKFUL
  • If a Marvel player from Florida who uses, lp, lk, hp, hk notation takes time out of their day to help you get better shut up and be thankful.

Because at the end of the day all of them could have skipped over your thread and kept going on with their lives.

To be honest anyone who has been on this site for more than a year can probably write and read combos in any major form of notation if they wanted to, but its really up to** their preference** in which one they use, and due to the fact that not all fighting games shared the same button names and the fact that, in certain games it is more practical to use numbers instead of directions what game you played first or play the most and where you come from have a huge impact of how what you call and how you write moves.

Now that you mention it why the hell doesn’t everyone call a hoagie a hoagie? I think we need to have to some kind of national unified name for a long sandwich so I can stop being so damned confused at lunch. Do you know how many hungry people I know that have walked past subway restaurants because they thought they were public transportation stations? You may be on to something.

It’s a fair point but I don’t think you can actively force people to change the terms they use. Lots are legacy terms dating back over a decade and are pretty entrenched. You’d probably have more luck on less SF centric websites but I wouldn’t expect much change here. Nobody can deny that if somehow everyone adopted the same notation it would make reading this forum easier.

you guys need to use the emoticons a lot more, because we have presets for each of the 8 directions, all the known input directions, and buttons that correspond to their respective games e.g. capcom 6 buttons, marvel 2, SNK games, and GG.

GG’s a 5 button game, Punch, Kick, Slash, Heavy Slash and Dust, and we certainly don’t have emoticons for that.

i thought we did. oh well, you can always improvise :cool:

I’m sure dustloop has them :looney: