Callibration issue!

hi ive been training for this european alpha 3 tournament thats going down later this year for a couple of months now. last week i got fast enough broadband and a decent enough connection to get on kaillera and ggpo.

ive been training vs several friends and against the computer on the ps2. But kicking the computers ass on lvl 8 as well as my pals collective asses only gets you so far. so i downloaded Mame32K 0.67 an alpha 3 rom and bought a ps2-to-pc-adapter. my problem now is that the hadoken , hurrican kick motion as well as shoryukens dosent go as smoothly as it does on the ps2. the v-ism combos and juggling in general seems nearly impossible to pull off now and sometimes i leave myself open missing an easy hadoken motion. im guessing my problem is the controller not beeing properly callibrated (the down-left , up-left , up-right , down-right dosent register as well as it should). Can anyone tell me how to callibrate my joystick to be as sensitive and accurate as it is callibrated on the ps2 ??

What kind of stick and adapter are you using?

There isn’t really a calibration to a stick, if the stick has microswitches. The switches are either pressed or they’re not. The diagonals should be no less sensitive than on the ps2.

So, i guess the more important question is what kind of stick are you using?

the convertor i use is called “joytech ps2 to usb convertor”.
i use windows vista. the convertor is way oolder than that.
the stick is a sony ps2 controller obviously Dualshock 2

You are using an official Sony controller so it’s definitely your converter.

yeah i guess i bought it for less than nothing.
Does Anyone have any suggestions to what converter i SHOULD buy instead ?