Callin on assists

i cant call on my assist does anyone else have this problem and if not can u please tell me how i can fix it

Can you be a bit more specific? You mean you can’t call them at all or at certain times?

like whenever im fighting no matter how much i mash assist it wont come out is assisting and attacking impossible or do i have to like time my assist or something

What control scheme are you using? The game has button layouts made for game pads, MadCatz sticks, and Hori sticks. You may be on the wrong one.

There are certain situations when you can not call assist.

When you do a special move, when you super jump, when your assist is going through a rest period, when another assist is on the field, while in an animation like a grab, I may be missing a situation or two.

It is also important to know that you can not call assist to attack after having done a launcher and holing up, this counts as a super jump.

If you mean that you want to bring your other charecter in, then you must hold the assist button, not mash it. Hold it down while not preforming an action and you will tag out.

hmm i didnt know that well basically i just played with the control schemes until i found it how i like it

this is how i have it
1 3 A1
2 E A2

how do i put it on the stick layout

well i do know this stuff but thanx for writing it down anyway but when im using crouch light and hitting the assist button my assist wont come out in mvc2 i could do this all i want soo im guessing u can hit attack buttons and the assist button at the same time. is that correct?

It seems like most of this stuff is answered, and anything further should be addressed in the Basics thread. :tup: