Calling all australians

Im trying to find a place to buy an arcade stick for the ps3
perferably under $100 cus i still dont know if i want to get into the fighting scene competitively

and im trying to find if there is a store that sells arcade sticks
please help : )

Being in Australia makes it hard to find a decent arcade stick, either you buy something of ebay, play-asia or make your own. I saw some Fightstick TE Round 2 at jbhifi and even pccasegear has a few listed but they are all well over the 100 mark.

Im also from AU, for under 100$ its going to be hard to get a good to decent stick. I got the TE fro JB and ordered a Qanba q3 online, the Q3 is a good stick for a lil over $150 delivered.

I’ve got a second-hand HRAP3 i’m about to offload if you were interested. Otherwise, wait for a good Play-asia special. Got my HRAP3 for $170 shipped on a"cheap" day (this was before the TE rush however). Under $100 would probably get you a really dodge stick (like 3rd earth or something), or alternatively all the stuff you need to build yourself a stick (Mayflash = $30, stick = $10, buttons = $30 odd)

hmmmm tru, well i better start saving up more lol
thanks for the help ill probably try to make my own, it sounds lyk fun and sounds lyk it takes less money to make
or i might just save up to $200 lol

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Occasionally Jbhifi will have the Hori FS3 for under $100.

If you need help modding, just PM me. I’ve done a couple of Mayflash 2009’s before