Calling all blankas in Orlando FL area!



I want to start a Blanka revolution! I am moving down to Winter Park FL this weekend. I feel blanka is way underrated and needs to be exposed more. I am tired of seeing Grand Finals involving shotos and even that loser rog!

So i want to start a blanka team in the orlando/winter park area, this will consist of training with blanka, teach each other all the shenanigans we have learned, and for those of us who havent learned or perfected yet footsies and turtleing. This is not to change anyone’s fighting style, just to add more tools in their toolbox.

I have XBL myself (SomnusReloaded) so if you are interested and only want online sorry all i have is xbox. But i plan on this team training as offline as well, thats why i am reaching out to the orlando area. If you are interested you may reply here, but as i mentioned i am moving so i do not know how much internet time i will have over the next few weeks. you can always reach me at my email which is, this goes directly to my phone

I am hoping something can start from this and the jungle boy can get respect he deserves, hope to hear from you soon =D


I wish i ived in Fl or had xbox (PS3 only) but i love the jimmy revolution



well so far there hasnt been much response…only a few hours but still, this is what im talking bout, at any time Ryu, Abel, Ken, Chun-Li…hell even Gouken has their forum full of people when you look and blanka is hardly ne ever looking…we need the green monster exposed to the world! LOL hopefully if we can get a good enough following in FL then we may just form a clan if there isnt one already and start broadcasting or something idk…I just want to start seeing Blanka high up in tournament results…


I’d love to get in on this, but I am in sfl.

XBL training?


tampa fl here. not orlando but im thinking if any blankas in tampa wanna come over and play on a nice setup while most assuredly getting a little tipsy or smoking some cough cough, drop me a line.


I’m over in Seminole/St Pete. They don’t call it Wrinkle City for nothing, this place is absolutely dead. I can hitch a ride with a friend if we all happen to be off on the same day.


cool definately man. as of now i work fri sat sun mon and have the rest off. i make webpages on the side and its starting to blow up so im gonna go down to just i day a week at work for awhile(hopefully forever) so i will have an almost totaly open schedule soon.