Calling all Cammy players


Does anyone out there just straight own with cammy?? I rarely ever ever fight anyone who uses cammy and when I do, they tend to suck with her. If you own and I mean OWN, then I’d like to see what you got over the PSN. I’m not the greatest but I rarely loose to another cammy. So whaddaya say eh? PSN: solstice86. CaNNon SpIke!


Oh yeah, I mean in SF4.


:xeye: Look before you make a thread… dood:


I really mean hardcore cammy players. Guile owners.


My Cammy sucks, i can’t win vs a good player with Cammy.


I wouldn’t feel bad, cammy isn’t that great in SF4. Some times you can cheese out a win but it’s just shinanigans. She has some good tools but she’s not as solid as the “good” characters IMO. But I’d imagine if you can play her well you could be really solid with her despite her horrible shortcomings in SF4. Oh and her Cannon Spike is the best DP in the game imo.


Use the matchmaking thread. First and last warning.