Calling all Charlottesville, Virginia (UVA) fighting game fanatics

Hey everyone. After living in Blacksburg for 5 years or so and enjoying the great scene there, I have moved to Charlottesville and so far, I have yet to find any decent fighting game enthusiasts. Actually, almost no one here seems to play fighting games at all! So I’m calling out any closet fighting game fans living in C’ville or close by that want to get a crew started.

I am willing to host, I have a house very close to the university, a 42" HD television, and a PS3. I have one stick at the moment and another on the way, and plenty of pads. I also have a couple of PS2s (PS3 is BC but sticks won’t work for PS2 games on PS3 :sad:). Don’t have a Wii or 360 but if someone wants to bring one over I’m more than happy to oblige them :wgrin:.

Games I own:
Street Fighter 4
Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
Soul Caliber 4
Mortal Kombat II
Some PS2 fighters, namely Guilty Gear XX and Capcom vs. SNK 2
Fight Night Rd. 3

Games I don’t own but can and am willing to play:
any Guilty Gear game
any Smash Bros. game
any Street Fighter or SNK fighting game
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
BlazBlue (haven’t played yet but will import if there’s an interest)
Virtua Fighter 5
pretty much any game with life bars and guys fighting
did i mention Guilty Gear??

So PLEASE, if you or someone you know lives in the area of Charlottesville and has a crew or wants to start a crew up, send me a PM or email me at birdstyles AT ANY AND ALL skill levels are invited. I primarily am interested in playing fighting games but I also play some sports games, FPS, and Rockband. Hit me up and lets throw this shit down.

Hey, I live in charlottesville. My aim is SentientProgram9. There are people to play with here but not too many post here. Check out, I don’t go to UVA but I know there are some fighting game enthusiasts there. I know a few other people around here who might be interested, too. My main game now is ST:HD but I also play guilty gear AC and 3s. Let’s do this shit!

*edit BTW I don’t have a PS3 stick, just a 360 and a ps2 one.

Awesome, man. I had no idea anyone in Cville played GG. Definitely down to play, going to be out of town this weekend but perhaps the next one we can make it happen. If you know any other GG or STHD/SF4 players feel free to bring them along. As for the stick situation, I have ordered a TE SF4 stick but it wont be here until April. I have a PS2 stick, and it looks like I will probably have to buy an Xbox stick at some point. My AIM is Birdstyles btw. I will def. get in touch with you within the next week.

I have told a few folks about this thread, let’s keep it going!

What times are ideal for you?

Just picked up SF4 today. Going to spend all week learning the nuances :slight_smile:

I am hosting a fighting game throwdown at my place this Saturday. Anyone who wants to come send me a PM and let me know what times are good for you. Games that will be played will be mostly SF4/STHD, SC4, T5DR, and whatever else people want to play. Hopefully we can get a recent copy of GG to play as well.

(Sentient, I have sent you a PM with details.)

Sorry I couldn’t make it this weekend, gotta get some games in soon though.

I’m told there may be happenings on saturday? Can this be confirmed or denied?

ill be there next week, if anyone wants to get some games in

Reviving this for all the Charlottesville cats. Going to Chesterfield tomorrow if anyone wants to come. Hit up this thread.