Calling all Cincinnati Area Brawlers!


Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, I personally will be running Super Smash brothers Brawl tournys at the Gamecity in Newport(its in the Levee near AMC) Its 5 bucks to enter, and the winner gets 50 in store credit. They are allowing me to host it, as such this is not ran nor endorsed by Gamecity and we are only looking for some fun competitiveness to expand the player base of this great game. Please come down show support.

I personally will be supplying the Wii, it has every staged and charaters unlocked so you don’t need to worry about not playing your fav charater! Heres the rules I most likely will run.

Stock 5 with 8 minute time limit
All charaters are open for play
Can not change from Basic controls UNLESS you want to turn Up to jump OFF.
1v1 Final Destination Only.

If we get enough people and have enough fun, we could run 2v2s or free for alls. Again we NEED people to show up to run this, so if we don’t get enough its no go.

It is Tuesdays (tonight) at 5:30. I know its short notice, but these will be ran EVERY Tuesday, so if you can’t make it thats fine, just post in thread so I can tell them more will show next time.


If you have any questions, call me 513-325-8176 :slight_smile:


good luck on the turnout tonite with such a late notice doode. Anyhoo, i kno alot of heads that play smash if your doin this weekly we could all roll up there sometime. It would be even better if it could be a smash/2d fightin game night every week. I would help run that for sho. Anyhoo ill let peeps kno about this thing. good eyedea, just too late for this week. Do i kno you btw? what games do you mainly play?

Adding more games and doing it on weekends might give better turnout.