Calling all College Park and Southern MD players


Looking for some people to play with and possibly get together and make a 3v3 team for teh tourneys… gogogogogo


what tournament? I live on campus by the way.


theres a tourney in VA on the 28th and another on the 29th, and theres a singles tourney in the Student union on the 3rd of April. I live a little off campus by the McDonalds on route 1. But I can set it up to play in the student union at anytime.


i’m going to c3 on the 28th, but I already have a team :\ . I didn’t know there was a tournament on the 3rd though at the stamp, good shit. You know anyone else that goes to UMD that plays?


yea i know a couple others, we should meet up and play sometime


i dont have a ps3 stick, but if you’ve got an extra or something i’m down. i’m sure i’ll see you at c3, and probably the singles tourney at stamp.