Calling all HDR players! Mark February 19, 2011 on your calendar NOW!


Alright guys… mark the date on your calendars…

February 19, 2011… Indianapolis, Indiana, Naptown Clutch…

Technically right now there’s four main games, MvC3 / SSF4 / MvC2 LT / ST Singles

Now, I have offered to run an HDR team tournament and I would run HDR singles as well as side tournaments and I’m not going to lie. My goal is to destroy, let me say that again, DESTROY the ST Singles entries. They’re going to play ST on Dreamcast… we can do SO MUCH BETTER PEOPLE!!!

So, mark the date on your calendar… February 19, 2011, lets talk about how we want to run HDR and lets put an HDR tourney on the map and tell people, that HDR is alive and well as a tournament game.

Here’s what I’m thinking… most of the HDR crowd prefers 360 and HDR side tourney was ran on 360 at SB so lets go 360 with standard rules.

In teams we can run it A v A then B v B and then winner A v winner B if necessary. Trust me, there’s going to be alot of hype for MvC3, people are going to be here and if HDR can make some noise we can bring in some interest…

Let’s not let another opportunity go by, the Crossroads of America invites you to America’s most underrated city, right in the heart of downtown…



I’m all for drumming up enthusiasm for the game you love, but why make it an HDR vs. ST thing? That’s just silly.


Rivalry can be a good thing for both games. The trick is to make the competition positive.


Rhetorically speaking, what I’m trying to do is to intentionally flame passions I know exist to encourage people to show up. Realistically I know whoever shows up is probably going to play ST too but the more pro HDR people we can bring in the more we can influence future events in and around the area.


Someone should translate this page to Japanese. I hear Aniken and his crew are dying to play some HDR?


It’s too bad I don’t live in Indiana, I would’ve showed up for ST singles.


I’ll try to make it out if I can, there’s another tourney in Columbus in February that I’m going to try to get to also. A lot depends on how things are going for me in February, LOL.

I would play both HDR and ST, but I don’t have a stick for Dreamcast anymore. Plus I doubt anyone there would have an American-style Dreamcast stick I could use, so I’d just play HDR. Why are they using Dreamcast instead of, at the least, Classic mode on HDR for the 360 or PS3 (systems everyone by now has a stick/controller for)? It’s basically the Dreamcast version with different backgrounds. Mind boggling.

You talk to Immortalbmw yet?


I haven’t PMed Brent yet but in the Indy thread he’s pretty excited about doing HDR teams and ST Singles so… I think he’s on board. I’m more than willing to run HDR Singles and Teams on the side so we dont’ have to mess with the riffraff playing Super Nonsense Whatever… :smiley:

Yeah I loved my DC but I did everything with that DPad that gave my thumbs callouses…

But enough with distractions! Indianapolis! February! Make the committment right here! Let’s make it big people!


I was excited until I found out that ST was on DC. I don’t have $60-$80 to invest in a DC stick …


MC Cthulu now has dreamcast support. It’s not that much cheaper, but if you start with XBox360 it will also PS3 dual mod.


if i’d be there, i’d support both games, that’s for sure!


I’ll make a post about how to do that mod later. It’s very much worth it.
You ended up with a stick that can play xbox360/ps3/ps2/wii/DC/xbox/snes/pc

Whoever donated the DC console for the ST tournament should have made available two DC sticks as loaner. No one will be willing to buy a new stick just for a single tourney.

I don’t see how they expect everyone will bring their DC sticks. Is there link to the official tourney thread? You guys should confirm with the TO.


I have been speaking with the tournament director and I think we have come up with a compromise for everyone. I will be running all the SF2 related events. After discussion with the TD we have decided not to do ST on Dreamcast for numerous logistical reasons and will run ST on Classic Mode. I know its not perfect, but it is the best we can do in Indianapolis.

With that being said, with some help, I don’t see why we can’t run three tournaments all in the same day since I don’t expect numbers to be huge. We could have a Classic Solo / Remixed Solo / and Remixed Teams tourney all in the same day if we could get enough people to bring 360s / tvs and a couple loaner sticks. I want to encourage as many SF2 fans as possible to think about coming out and making this happen.


I know that this might be a laughable question since PS3 players are often considered second class SF citizens but I have to give it a shot.

Will there be a couple of PS3 to XBox converters or are PS3ers not welcome? I know several quality PAD players that are often left simply watching at tourneys or decide against making the trips altogether because of their exclusion.

It often seems as if the dominant attitude amongst tournament organizers is, “If these PS3 players were any good, they would’ve bought XBoxes.”


Well I currently believe that the rest of the events would be run on PS3. I don’t have any converters myself. I don’t think anything less of PS3 players I just don’t own a PS3. Perhaps its something where a couple people might be willing to bring in some converters and share as necessary if we properly labled everything and such.


PS3 and XBox 360 controller converters will apparently only work for some controllers. PS2 conversion is much easier.


Last time I checked, 360/PS3 converters were pretty laggy, and basically unsuitable for fighting games, so an outright controller mod was the only real option. Buying an Xbox pad (probably not the official one, with its questionable d-pad) is the most realistic option at that point, but obviously that won’t have the same feel as the PS3 pad you’re used to.


Dam indiana…


There’s some converters that people are claiming are lagless in this thread:

I’m eventually planning on switching to a DS2 from my DS3 and getting these:
Buy PS2/PS3 to xBox360 Controller converter PRO of Xbox 1 & 360 at, one of the biggest wholesaler / distributor of Video Game in Asia.
iNPiN PS2 to PS3 Converter

The above PS2/PS3 to XBox360 converter apparently works with a DS3, but requires the 360 be reset with the converter and controller plugged in to get it to be recognized. That would be a pretty annoying thing to deal with at a tournament, and a DS2 is probably a better fighting game controller anyway.


What’s to damn Indiana about Robocop? Did I miss something?