Calling all HDR players - No patch announced by Capcom


Aug 21, 2009: “I’m looking into things… but being honest there are no plans for further patches.” - Christian Svensson

Aug 28, 2009: “Sorry to be a pooper folks, but I’m going to have to confirm what Sven is saying. There are currently no plans to patch HDR at this time.” - Jimmy Rey

Original thread by studtrooper in Strategy forums:

Damn I’m pissed!! And I let them know…politely of course. Even if you don’t own a PS3, get on the capcom unity boards, and let them know this isn’t cool. Cuz if they won’t support the PS3, you know damn well they won’t support XBOX either.

Halfro did start a thread a while back about this, but I can’t find it. I was feeling pessimistic and defeated about ever getting another patch, so I didn’t bother posting then. But this decision by Capcom has energized me!! I usually check the unity boards, but hadn’t in a long time. Ah well, many thanks to Halfro, Coth X and studtrooper for posting the info.

blitz dem fools son!!


Curious, playing devil’s advocate, how would it benefit them if they did a patch?

My initial thought was considering it was used and played at EVO. All the pool stations had PS3’s, and even on the main stage. As a standard, it’d might’ve popularized the game more. My heart is in HDR… closest thing to the original as possible.


I’m really disappointed, sad and mad, all these feelings at the same time, BUUUUUUUUUUT…

This part interesting:

We have to find a way to let capcom understand that we DEMAND a patch, to let our demands be listened, we have to make noise, the noise enough to catch the capcom attention.

I think we can start some kind of thread where every ps3 user and every srk forums member let to capcom knows that we deserve to be listened. or maybe we’ve to start sending e-mails demanding a hd remix patch.

This is unfair, why only the Xbox users has a solid HD Remix version?.. why us, the ps3 community can’t get a decent version?, we deserve the same online experience, they are forgetting about the PSN community, and that’s so unfair.

If they don’t listen to us, why capcom says that they always hear to the fans?.



You know, I see this point brought up a lot in reference to a patch. How would it benefit Capcom?

Well, it wouldn’t monetarily. There’s no way they could charge for a patch that only fixes glitches. They would be ostracized in the gaming community. And it costs money to pay programmers so they would only lose money on any patch.

But money isn’t everything. Anybody remember a time when companies actually cared about the quality of their products, and if one was defective they would (gasp) fix it?

Capcom should patch HDR in order to preserve their image as the premiere fighting game developer. They should also do it as thanks for the hundreds or thousands of dollars we have spend on their merchandise over the years.

It’s not like a patch would cost a ton of money. Shit, if they packed it in with an ability to turn off that damn menu music I’d pay 5$ for it.


I love Capcom games, but after the way some of the PS3 versions of the games are, I really don’t feel like buying their games anymore. DMC was good, but RE5 and SF4, both games I was looking forward to, are slightly inferior to the 360 versions. Things like lower resolution, missing shadows, lower texture quality, and other slight things. I just don’t really want an inferior version of a game, no matter how slight. When stuff is MISSING, like shadows, its just like, wow, this is not the way the game was supposed to be. Its not really a big deal, but disappointing to know no matter how small it is, you got the short end of the stick. Why should I buy one that isn’t what the creators intended for us to play?

I did pick up RE4 for PS2 which wasn’t as good in some ways as the GC version, but it made up for it with extras, so taking a graphic downgrade wasn’t so bad.

If things continue like this, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more Capcom games. Knowing you’re getting an inferior version, no matter how small, sucks. Knowing it will never be as good as another version sucks. Knowing you bought a broken game that will never be patched, sucks, and I kind of just don’t give a shit about it anymore and will just move on instead.


i’ve just about given up on HDR because of the crappy network issues and disconnects. i will never take this game seriously anymore. sucks because i really liked the game too. back to ggpo and ST for me. its free and IT WORKS!


Man, I don’t know how many times I got the Disconnectted from PSN error message tonight. No, I wasn’t, and its really annoying. I also couldn’t join about half the friendly lobbies, even ones who had good ping. KAOSPIDER’s lobby had 3/4 filled, yet every time I tried to join it said full. Even after a refresh, there was still an open spot. Throw on top of that the awful online only hitbox errors and you get one shitty night of trying to enjoy your game. Seriously, this is fucking awful. I’m getting really sick of it.


worst night in a long time. In the past few weeks I almost never got “an error has occurred” unless somebody dropped in the middle of the match.

Still get “connection lost” every 10 matches or so though.


hmmm i thinking to migrate to GGPO, i really like that shit!, no lag, no dc, everything just works fine!


i <3 ggpo. lots of good competition and sportsmanship.


There IS a patch available, it costs about $200 and it’s called an xbox.

Seriously though, Capcom is notorious for short changing their customers. Remember when Street Fighter Collection for the PS2 was just a port of the PS1 game that had all the ridiculous load times, amongst other problems that were already well known from the PS1 port, that Capcom didn’t bother to fix.


Saw it coming but still a disappointment.

:lol::sad: 50/50 emotional mixup


Prediction: Evo switches to all Xbox next year.

It’s generally the preferred console among Capcom players anyway, and there’s been some support voiced for this in IRC and such. The main factor will obviously be sponsorship money, but I suspect that if the two offers are close they’ll go with Microsoft.

That is, unless they have some sort of multi-year contract with Sony that we don’t know about, or they don’t have the means to acquire that many 360s. But if neither of these is the case, I think this is a real possibility.


hey ask if backbone’s reason for not working on a patch is because “nobody bought it”

just like the reason they gave for gunstar heroes! thanks, backbone!


Appreciate all the replies in the thread, keep it up!



lol i think a mod on there deleted my post


I dunno that patch has a 53% failure rate from Gameinformer’s survey and a 100% failure rate from personal experience :lovin:

So we going back to calling them Crapcom?

And hadoolket they actually patched Gunstar Heroes. Surprising but true.


should we try to get a protest march going ?


I would be there if I thought it would work. Nobody’s listening at Capcom and nobody on PSN cares enough to complain on the unity board thread. I woulda thought there’d be hundreds of posts, but nada. I guess you get what you deserve PSN for not making enough noise.


Yeah, I think the post pretty much saying “you guys are fucked” killed all of the hype around this. I would have figured that it would have had the opposite effect though. : / Moral of the story: wait for others to buy the game and give a yay or nay.