Calling all KOF fans! PSN KOF XII community revival!

Long time no see, SRK! How ya livin?!

Come one, come all! Veterans, boosters, Robert/Kyo scrubs (lol) new players interested in KOF or just plain tired of the same matchups in Super Ryu Fighter IV. For the past two weeks, The New Wolves KOF XII clan has been frequently beating the crap outta each other online.

Yes, you heard me right ONLINE…KOF XII’s online component is actually PLAYABLE now as long as your connection is wired, that is.

We’ve been seeing some random players lurking around and figured they’re lookin to get down too. So, myself, FameDouglas aka HDR Fei Long legend, hdcloudstrife08 aka SSF IV Deadly Dudley and clan newcomer, AgentOrange82 are sending a beacon out to all of you have may have just picked the game up or had it for a while but no one will play it with you because you’re too good offline (lol) and lookin for a change until XIII or MvC3 gets here!

We’re always on PSN so send either of us a message at anytime if you wanna join the movement!

Come and play with the heavy hitters!

Long live SNK!


Yeah, I say the same thing when I see ignorant scrubs.


Yeah, you did.

If you’re not into KOF XII then “why are you came”? Keep your failed troll attempts to yourself. You’re keepin my topic bumped for your viewing pleasure. If you like BB, SSF IV or SSM and you’re convinced that you hate KOF XII cuz it’s the cool thing to do, then I’m not trying to get your attention…keep it movin!

When did start gettin overrun by pen15’s?

i like kof 12… and this will go no where. netcode still is unbearable.

Man i sold my ps kof 12 a couple days ago for 6 dollars. I really wanted to drink 2 40’s!

Oh well, if you feel that way. Yall missed out on a good session though.

ggs to hdcloudstrife08, nothin89 (gotta get them SF habits up out you! lol) and Senior_LULZ takin to the house again tonight.

Also from from earlier ggs AgentOrange82.

I wonder how would the SPORTS Team be if they were revamped for XIII?! lol

Questionable netcode aside, KoF XII is still one of the better balanced fighting games to come out this generation, so screw the haters, screw them hard, I’m in. If you let me join, that is. See, there are two small problems:

  1. I’m more or less a complete scrub when it comes to KoF, so don’t expect much from me, at least at first. However, I can handle repeated losses well and am willing to improve, so if you’re ready to waste some time on a beginner, it should work out.
  2. My location. I’m in Saint Petersburg. The connection was pretty solid when I played with a French guy a year ago, but I doubt it’ll be that good if the other player is literally on the other side of the globe. Also, time zones.

What do you say?

Won’t know if we don’t try so let’s jump in with two feet!

We’re usually on a good portion of the evening here (4pm EST) until around 10pm or 11pm (EST). Sometimes we’re on earlier than that.

hdcloudstrife08 or myself will try keep those interested in playing updated whenever we “go live on the air”. I’m pretty sure we may be able to get a playable connection at least. Senior_LULZ is on the other end of the country and we connect as 2 yellow consistently.

Speaking of connection, as long as you have a wired connection and are not downloading or streaming videos on Youtube while playing we should be okay.

For the people who continue to want to hate XII, I’m not sayin the game is lag free but only that it’s PLAYABLE online in comparison to what it was this time a year ago.

This seems like a good way to make some friends for XIII, i’ll give it a shot. I’ll see if i can go out and get a new copy.

Looking forward to having you on board!

True that.

That’s 3-9 AM here in the snows of the Motherland. I suppose I can catch the last hour or two of you guys playing if I wake up slightly earlier than usual.

To be honest, I just played two games with hdcloudstrife08, we got the red bar, and the lag was pretty bad, to the point that I jumped when I wanted to hop, hopped when I wanted to jump and regularly dropped basic stuff like Ash’s cr.A, cr.A, cancel into Nivose. I am a bad player, but I’m rather sure that I at least have the controls down. Curiously enough, cloud didn’t seem to be affected and did long Sie combos quite consistently. Does it mean the lag is something you eventually just get used to? Or does it only hit one of the players in full force because of some silly programming quirks?

Were there other players in the room with you? We found that whenever someone goes to the XMB in the middle of a match (spectator or player) that the game slows to a crawl and throws off the synchronization quite a bit. It’s an unwritten rule that we all ignore all PSN messages and invites until the end of the match.

Online is a few frames slower than offline play but not drastically slower. To answer your question, yeah it DOES seem to affect some more than others depending on their network setup (wired, wireless, multiple systems or programs accessing the network, broadband, DSL or fiber-optics).

hdcloud and I both run on fiber-optic network, mine is 80 Mb, not sure what his is but it’s fast.

Nope, just the two of us.

Mine is wired, 5Mb. Modest, but was enough to play BlazBlue: CT without any noticeable lag with Japanese guys (6 time zones away). We’re just transferring inputs to each other, not 1080p footage of the matches. The distance between players should matter more than the connection speed in our scenario.

Yeah 5Mb is pretty low for this game it seems. 5 Mb is just one step above DSL here in the States. Most players on my PSN list have 20 Mb or higher on average. 2 of them are from the UK.

Alright, I’m goin live and direct on XII if anyone wants to join…player matches - sparring.

The connection is much better with you, FameDouglas, than it was with cloud (it even allowed me to pull off Shen’s st.C, f.B, QCF+A at one point, yay), but it’s still far from great. All those times I got hit by fireballs? I attempted to roll through them, but rolls didn’t come out on time. That time you got me in the corner with Benimaru’s Raijinken? I attempted to counter it with b.CD every single time. Didn’t come out on time, leaving me completely open on wake-up. Jumps also came out too late, so I ended up landing where I didn’t want to a lot of times.

There was plenty of legitimate sucking on my part, no arguing there, but it’s hard to concentrate on getting better when the game flat out refuses to do what you tell it.

Let’s do it this way. I’ll increase my connection speed up to 20 Mb, which will probably take a couple of days, and see if that helps. No point in slowing your practice down just because of my technical problems.

kof 12 is ass wait for kof 13