Calling all MBAC players!

*yoyo! i’m kinda new to MBAC and i will be picking up a copy of MBAA when i get the munnies =p

I was wondering if people still played this online… and if so hitme up kuz i’m definitely lookin for people to play!!

Hamachi serv name: Melty Blood Ver B
and the pw is: mbac

if you still play hit me up and msn/aim/xbl and we can play some =p*

how in the hell do you play MBAA online? i would love to find out.

Think he’s talking about MBAC.

oh my bad.

yeah i’m talkin about MBAC lol read title >.<

wait even then how do you play MBAC online? i have that game but can play online.

you have mbcaster? and the patch?
if you have those then just download hamachi and add the server i stated in the opening post =p

ok thx alot

any time bro and hit me up if you wanna play =p i’m really trying to learn this game lol


Is there anything else I need to do to play online? I knew there was online play and all, but everyone else I knew that played didn’t know how.

*nope =p just get the patch + mbcaster and hamachi and you’re set lol

know that there are probably many other hamachi servers for melty blood but the one i posted above is the one i’m using =p + i couldn’t find anymore >.> lol*

I don’t really play Melty Blood but I’ve had this caster thing for a while so i’ll join the network and probably play sometime.

yay :smiley: always nice to have more players =p

Dude, just burn the damn game. MBAC will teach you too many stupid / bad habits that do not carry over to MBAA at all.

why do you type in italics

yo good shit today SeanxFayt, thx for teaching me how to do this, & hope to play you in the future. msg me on aim when youre playing again!!

*as true as that may be, i have no one to play mbaa with and mbac has online play soo… yea lol

lol i like the way italics look =p

anytime bro and iiight sounds like a challenge to me lol*

You know we have an entire MBAA scene in North Carolina with a MBAA tournament coming up next weekend in North Carolina, right?

Just to let you know.

O_o dude are you serious lol do they post the tourneys on srk? or is it another site?
wow stuff like that never comes my way… like i didn’t kno ssbm was still so alive in nc til like early june lol

go to