Calling all northern new jersey players!


I am thinking about organizing a weekly or bi-weekly SF4 tournament. I have a space in Jersey City in which we could use. I am posting this to see if there is interest. I am thinking about doing a $10 entry fee winner takes all. If there is a good amount of interest we could get this going very soon. If you have any questions or interest in attending just post it or message me. Thanks!


Sounds interesting, sign me up!


When & where will this be i might be interested in joining.


This is a great idea since i live in Jersey City and know some people who play around here. I’m sure you can get lots more too.


Let’s do this.


It will be on westside ave and virginia. It will most likely be on thursday nights. If you can attend please shoot me a message with your email and ill contact you.


there a place in the heights called the Espot which is willing to hold weeklies…


I am down for this. Let’s gooooo


I’m down. So are my friends if they want to come.


Ok people it looks like were going to be able to do this. I just need to finalize the tournament format. I’m looking to start this up possibly this upcoming Thursday July 30th. But for now please send me a message if you can attend with your name and the names of people that your bringing.


anybody taking the lightrail to get there? willing to meetup with heads to get there.


What system will this be on? I’m down since Jersey City is just 5 minutes away from Bayonne :smiley:


I have a 360 I can bring. I’m also bringing a modded Madcatz Standard Edition with Seimitsu buttons and Sanwa stick. Not sure if I can make it the 30th though. Might have work.


Im not far from JC, interested in this.


Ok guys were going to have the first tournament on Thursday august 6th @ 7pm. July 30th was too soon to get it together properly. I’ll be posting a thread in the tournament section very soon with all the information. It will be on xbox 360.


360? I was hoping it’d be PS3. I don’t have a stick for 360 to play on.


Me and Zombier both have TE sticks and do not mind letting people use them as long as your not one of those guys that put 4/5’s of their weight on their fingers when they play >.<


Is it possible to have a get-together before the day of the tournament?


RedOasis that’d be great. I play pretty smooth, I don’t mash at all.

So it’d be August 6th 100% sure? If so I’m down.


Yea first meet-up will be august 6th. I wanted to ask you guys if you would prefer the first one to just be a meet-up or do you guys wanna jump right into the tournaments?