Calling all NW players: Post-NWM Show feat. NW Heads? What you think?

Alright peeps,

I guess the pre-NWM was too little too late, so mastermind’s suggestion of having a Post-NWM AlphaISM Radio show (we don’t have to talk about just NWM, anything related to the NW scene is fine).

What you guys think? Who’d be down for it?

Any questions, post 'em here, or IM me.


I’ll probably be practicing a bit, but I’ll see if I can Skype in and say a few words. Gotta support the scene, nahmean?

Wow day before?! If I knew ahead of time I’d definately get on there, but I have to work…

Whoops. Would have liked to participate, but I too will be working. :frowning:

Props to Brent!

I’ll try n remember about this

That’s not exactly true because you’ve had me and Jetay on the show before. But I guess this would be like, the first all NW show. I should be calling in somehow someway.

I’ll call in if no one else does.

People have questions, I have answers.

“Monkeys like what kind of position during sex?”
“They do the traditional doggy-style, putting their feet on the females hind-legs. Shit looks like prison rape.”

That would be a bomb ass show if that’s how it went down.

What date time is the show? Couldn’t find the info on the other thread, apologies if it was there and I missed it.

edit: ha, it was in red, i just missed it. 7pm for those others that are confused :slight_smile:

Damn, I’ll be at work.

I added bunkei, waiting for the confirmation

Had fun calling in and choppin’ it up with Bunk and Jetay. Good shit. :tup:

Maybe now that NWM has gone and passed, we should have a post-event episode while it’s still fresh in our heads?

Agreed, we’ll see who would show up…

I would do my best effort to make that ish.

My mic apparently doesn’t work anymore. Tried to call in on the last one… Just seemed to be them talking about shoving femurs up their asses though. :confused:

Yah, I remember them bein like “Mechanicas calling in.” I didn’t hear you tho.

Yeah, that’s AlphaISM Radio, totally random. I never received your call request though, are you sure you have the right Skype name? (Benji-man01)

So what date then? This Friday? Next Friday??

Are there any gatherings/get togethers this Friday?