Calling all NW players: Post-NWM Show feat. NW Heads? What you think?

this might be a dumb question(s)…but what is this…?what is alphaism radio…?what do you mean by “show”? what is skype…?where are people listening to this from? is it a site?

ok there. I know nothing. haha.

nah I remember you being like “hello? hello?? who just connected? can’t hear you if you’re talking” and later I tested my mic and it doesn’t work anymore

It’s a radio show, but on the internet. Chat about random shit basically. Skype is an online voice chat program, like making phone calls but with microphones

I’ll be busy for pretty much the next 8 days or so starting ON Friday. I didn’t really make an impact on NW Majors anyway, so I wouldn’t have much to say.

Hope more peeps call in, though!

Ben you going to PAX? That’d probably be a perfect time to like get something going.

I’m gonna be at Keith’s playing marvel with people. We could probably be on the radio from there.

This would be hilarious.

What’s PAX?

PAX = Penny Arcade Expo.

Unfortunately no, and I don’t have a laptop (it’s at the top of my list of things to get with next year’s tax refund check).

Ben, you are welcome to show up at my place later today and broadcast. Or, just come and hang out. I live in Northgate, near I-5, just south of the Sno/King county line. If you want to show up, just let me know.