Calling All So Cal Cvs2 Vampires/players

Evo West is approaching in about two weeks so now that school is over for everyone, I know you cvs2 players are fiending for comp. So this the deal, when are you guys ready to play? This week I work alot BUT since I know how gamers schedules usually go, I’m availible starting at 11pm on Monday, Tues, Wed, and Free on Thursday. Anyone who wants to play POST UP IN THIS BITCH. We need to combine forces to take apart USA’s biggest CvS2 threat. Keith Hoe. Remember. If Keith loses, WE ALL WIN.


no one wants to play with you
just deal with it


Kim, I dont know if I can practice with you before evo(the tthing we discussed). I’d like to get some good practice with some players(especially you) so i’ll try to plan something out… I’m mad serious about CVS2 right now. Schools out for me wednesday.

socal? eh…

tell me when to GAO!

wepeel: when are you down to play? Together, if we combine our powers, Keith Hoe won’t know what hit him.

Hail and Kill: I heard you might be coming down to practice. When do you think this will be. I’m suppose to play vs phobos on thursday, how about then

Keith: stfu.


Keith sucks nuts

This thursday? I’ll see if i can, it’s a pain for him though cuz he’s gotta drive up and down and all that. I’ll try make it thursday. If not, I’ll try to get down there before evo west to get some good practice. I’ll post what’s up.

someone should change this thread’s title to:

i got the only friends i need, Blanka sagat rolento and blockbuster. Keep out of my life keith. This is the last warning I’m goin to give you or im going to fart on your toothbrush.

-Michelle pumpnasty

last i checked, rolento and sagat were just using you


…At least he still has Blanka…

and Leezy <3.

OK, so today(thursday) I’m playing vs Phobos and later playing vs combofiend.

Who else wants a piece of this hot vietnamese thai american action? (I’m talking about cvs2)

weepel where you at, keith where you at, pumpnasty outtttt

ahhh dangit my socal trip had to be canceled, family stuff (again)…sorry homie. Coming to norcal anytime soon?

yay kim has two friends…and jiin is not your friend

bean: all you gotta do is name drop me man, and me and jiin gonna be like keith and men

just drive down to riverside. we probably have the best comp in socal.

Me and my friend will be messing around at PSM today around 5 or so, if anyone is interested

boring ass cakes

Im gonna hit up Regency fun center tonight and see if they really did get their machine in order

i’d be game…too bad i live in kentucky.


Whoa, where have you been?