Calling all Spriters - Tales of Arena


(am I even posting this in the right place? I’m not sure. If not, I ask that this please be moved to wherever it’s most appropriate. Thanks!)

Hey guys! I love the Tales series and for anyone else who is also a fan, you’ve probably thought “Wow, I’d love to have a fighting game for this!” And we do. It’s called Act Cadenza Strife! But unfortunately, it’s a bit… “different” from most traditional fighting games. So I’ve decided: It’s my goal to make a balanced, continually-updated-until-i-get-bored-or-die-or-whatever Tales of fighter: Tales of Arena!

But I have a bit of a problem.

"Is it the coding?"

"Is it coming up with movesets?"
Also nope!

"Huh… Then what is it that has you stumped?"
Probably the biggest bane of existence as someone who barely passed his elementary school visual art classes: Spriting.

That’s right, I can’t draw! And using 3D models sounds like it would be a lot more time consuming and troublesome. But this is where the community comes in!

Spriters; I need your help. I need artistic prowess to make this game a thing!

“This sounds interesting (or not). Mind if you lay down a few more details?”

No problem! The goal is to have sprites made of all the main Protagonists from each Tales Mothership title, with a hefty amount of frames of animation for the moves that I have planned for them. If you prefer a list form, that’s:

  • Phantasia ; Cress Albane (N)
  • Destiny ; Stahn Aileron (N)
  • Eternia ; Ried Hershel (N)
  • Destiny 2 ; Kyle Dunamis (N)
  • Symphonia ; Lloyd Irving ®
  • Rebirth ; Veigue Lungberg (N)
  • Legendia ; Senel Coolidge (N)
  • The Abyss ; Luke fon Fabre ®
  • Innocence ; Luca Milda (N)
  • Vesperia ; Yuri Lowell ®
  • Hearts ; Shing Meteoryte (N)
  • Graces ; Asbel Lhant ®
  • Xillia ; Jude Mathis ®
  • Xillia ; Milla Maxwell (N)
  • Xillia 2 ; Ludger Will Kresnik (N)
    ® = Moveset complete - Ready for spriting!
    (N) = Moveset in the works - Not ready for spriting

“I see, I see. So how would you like the sprites done?”

There are three main styles that I think would be best, and I’m flexible between these - do note however that all the sprites’ styles must be uniform, so after a certain point, the style will be non-negotiable:
1: ArcSysWorks (BlazBlue, Persona)
2: SkullGirls
3: Team Z2 style (Hyper Dragon Ball Z)

“Woah! That sounds really challenging!”

Don’t worry! Perhaps it seems challenging because of the idea of time constraints; but I’ll say right now that there’s no time limit of any sort! You’ll be free to go as fast or slow and take as much time as you want! To be frank, I’m not expecting to even have the written planning done before the end of the year, hahah. And remember, this is a community thing; you don’t have to make sprites for all the characters yourself. We’re all in this together!

“Say I take on this daunting beast of a task. What’s in it for me?”

Nothing! Since the game uses intellectual property that isn’t owned by me, I can’t monetize it, so no gald (heheh, see what I did there) for any of your hard work unfortunately. What I can give, though, is eternal thanks, credits in the final version, and early Alpha build/Beta build/Greek letter build access if you wish. You’ll also feel good feelings for helping out someone in need if you think that way!

If you’re interested, feel free to send me a Private Message and we can talk! You’re also welcome to ask for more details either via PM or posting in this thread. Thanks again guys!


Here’s some art you can use in your game.



My bad, sorry. I was always under the impression that stuff like fan games were okay as long as I don’t make any money. Heck, that’s what a lot of my friends told me, hahah.


Nooooooorrrrrmallllyyyy that’s okay, because you aren’t costing the company sales, but at the end of the day they are free to Cease and Desist your ass for making a game using IP that they created just because they created it and copyrighted it. Like that fan made Super HD Mortal Kombat remake that got wrecked by Warner Bros mid way through it’s conception. I think it was going to be free but Warner Bros were like “Yo we own those character concepts. Back down son.” and canceled crouch fierce into attorney with lawsuit assist.

Bottomline, send Namco an email and see if this is kosher. Otherwise stay your hand because it might turn out to be wasted time


You should original content anyway. Be a creator, not an immitator.