Calling all Stick builders & Hobby engineers. Looking for ideas on a unusual build

I really enjoy playing Wii-Punchout on my Treadmill it’s fun exercise but I’ve peaked out on it. One of my hobbies is I like making motion/interactive peripherals I do a lot of Kinect/VR experiments with mixed results, I project railshooters on the wall and play with a light gun one day I want my own holodeck but that’s going to have to wait awhile.

So I’m undertaking a new build, it’s not original but an old mainstay of the arcade.

I intend to build a similar peripheral to a Punchmania cabinet but I want to modify an exercise grade kick boxing stand.

So far the working idea is modify existing equipment and for the inputs I am thinking a generic Dance Dance (DDR) pad would do the trick but I’ve never gutted one and I don’t know want to expect inside other than it can obviously take the hit and register the input. I’ve also considered Guitar Hero drums I was also wondering if anyone knew the potential of finding Punchmania replacement parts to get the pads.

Nutshell = Anyone have any better ideas/feedback of how to rig up the inputs before I start ordering stuff?

(I will be emulating on PC for Glovepie and flexibility so I am not format locked)

Don’t gut a DDR pad,

Any board for a arcade stick would work, you just need to figure out how to wire up the sensor

Something like this might work

I think you’re already set.

Use accelerometers for input, will be the most reliable. Don’t mount them to the pads, but the back of the mounts for the pads.

As for the circuit, you’ll have to read up and figure that out. Start by looking at parts suppliers like Mouser and DigiKey, find something in your price range with the operating voltage your board can supply, and read the datasheet to figure out how it should be wired for your application. Far too much to explain here. It should boil down to a logical 1 or 0 which acts as input to some controller PCB.

The PCB is an afterthought I build sticks and the circuit is well within my skill set I was only concerned with figuring out the input switch mechanics. The vibration triggers and accelerometers I hadn’t considered and probably worth the experiment but I don’t have any experience with them.

My concern with that route is the whole unit will experience movement/vibration and I worry all the inputs would be in a state of constant erroneous trigger.

I seen this today, wish I had 3K to spend on something so frivolous

If you are taking an analog output from your accel, you can set up some logic to trigger on the desired threshold and return high or low. Whether you’re taking digital or analog signals out, you’ll need to set tolerances (shake down that data sheet) and probably amplify it too. When it’s set up properly, there should be no issue with sensitivity.

I was thinking the Vibration Sensor Switch I saw at Adafruit would be simpler to set up.
You can wire these up like if they are normal buttons.