Calling all stick builders. (Parts in hand)

I already have these parts in hand and need someone to build me a custom X360/PS2 stick.

1 Pink Ball Seimetsu LS-32-01
8 Pink Sanwa 30mm screw-ins
3 Green Sanwa 24mm screw-ins
1 Xbox 360 Mad Catz 4716 Wired (Late Version) (for the PCB)
1 PS2 Dual Shock A (I also have a PS1 Dual Shock M if that’s easier.)

Looking for an eight button layout for playing SNK fighters as well as Capcom.

I can mail you the parts or if you’re close enough I can drive them over. I live in Raleigh, NC.

I would leave the custom art and colors in your hands, as the artist. :slight_smile:

I will take newcomers and veterans alike as long as you think you’re up to it.

Since I already have the parts I’m not sure what to charge for labor. Feel free to make an offer.

why don’t you buy one of sillypuddys boxes? He has some left.

I think you got it mixed up, first, wrong forum and second, you go to them lazy stick maker. Not have them come to you or so I’ve heard. Just saying.

I’ve seen other custom stick threads in this forum.

This is kind of a different case because I have the parts. Most people who have their own business stockpile their own parts. There might be some people who have only built one or two sticks for personal use that might want to take this job but not bother ordering all the parts again.

Wow small world I live in Raleigh, NC. I’m heading into my last semester at state and just got into looking at arcade sticks for obvious reasons. I purchased a Hori ps3 fs3 from amazon for relatively cheap. Just purchased a wired 360 controller online to dual mod it also.

I mean I’ll wire it for a charge, but I can’t help you on the box itself. Did you get the parts from lizard lick? they are based in Raleigh! I emailed them about maybe picking up an order, but haven’t heard back from them yet.

Yes, they are awful with e-mail. Just keep calling them during business hours and they will pick up eventually. You can drive down and pick up the parts yourself.

I think i’m going to get one of the boxes that sillypuddy is making and then pay you to wire it if that’s ok?

As for the lazy stick maker thing, my friends and I tried to build one on our own and it came out awful. We really have no woodshopping skills whatsoever.

haha nice i’ll be wiring mine as soon as I get the controller in from eBay, but I assume it should go fine. If it is I’ll be back in contact with you.

So you can do local pick up as lizard lick and not have to wait forever? I at least want some new buttons, their site says they are out of the sanwa joysticks.

found this directory a couple of days ago should be helpful:

Yeah as soon as he answers he should say you can just come down and grab it.

I’ve read all of slagcoin, I’m just unable to put it into practice. I can’t draw a straight line much less operate a machine to cut one for me. :wink:


Hey, I am awaiting a large order from lizard lick. I have made several joysticks in the past and have a few orders to fulfill. I will make you a deal, I make your box and wire it up for 50 dollars labor/materials. You pickup my order from lizard lick and ship it to me with your parts.

You have a deal my friend! :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:


Let’s talk the details over email, such as your design ideas and my order number from lizard tick…tick…tick.

haha nice!

Just to let you guys know, I recall someone else a while back who asked if they could come pick up their orders and the answer was no. Lizardlick is an online store and for all we know he could be running from his house which means he probably won’t let you come pick stuff up due to privacy issues.

let me know if you still need my help if this doesn’t work out

You can pick up your order from LL. The parts I have now were picked up from their warehouse.