Calling all XBL players

I’m looking for someone who can stop this Tager Train. I’m callin’ you out. GT: Mutton Chopz :smokin:

I’d like to get a nice compilation of decent players on my friends list, so if you’re feeling lucky, hit me up.

I just got this game, so I’m not very good. I still don’t even have a main yet, but if you want, I’ll drop you a FR as soon as possible.

I love pummeling cocky twits.
I got chu’ tomorrow

Looks like the Tager Train will be running straight through a Kisaragi Grand Prix. Looking forward to playing you.

I need some training with a solid Tager. I’ll add you later today.

I’ll take the challenge Lord Noitora is my xbl O: I’m just gonna get me some breafast it should be 5 mins and i’ll be ready.

Take your pick