Calling all Yuns

I’m tired of getting bodied by this clown. My matchup knowledge vs Yun is trash, I need a few really good Yuns to beat the hell out of my Vega so I can develop a gameplan because right now I’m unsure how to deal with him.

Send me your gamertag on XBL so we can get in a proper endless battle, I’m log in around 9PM pacific.

Or you can add me. Though there might be some lag cuz you’re Pacific and I’m East.

I’m in the Pacific area.

XBL: crushingyen

I won’t be online until around 10 ish, though.

kenshoto is my gamertag…havent played in 3 days but last i was on…i was rank 14 in the world with yun…this should be some good match up experience

Rank doesn’t equal skill. We already saw rank 1 Yun is a booster lol.

I’ll add you cats tongiht…(starts polishing claw)

im ready anytime

But don’t you see? That just means that ‘JgBeast’ is even in fact HIGHER than rank 14 because a lot of top ranked players aren’t ‘real’.
We could even be talking to the best Yun in the world here folks!

hmmmm didnt think of it this way

like i said, im accepting challenges…just some casuals…first to 5 w/e doesnt matter.
i just love to play

i just got on and im rank 170 lol…time to go to work and get back a beastie rank.
thats what happens around this type of game…u stop for a day or 2 and its over lol
but like he said rank doesnt equal skill…so ill fight you all and prove it

Wha…what? You serious? This can’t be happening. This is too hilarious to be true.

jgbeast , mind playing me in casuals too ? . I need experience in that match . Or if anyone else is willing to play me my psn id is schizoid_bunny .

sorry im on xbox

I’m the best Yun player in the hole world! LOL …just kidding, I need lots of practice!

That’s pretty funny, though if he uses lunging punch use Vega’s sliding kick.

i’m droppin dudley for yun, yun just has it so much easier that it has convinced me to main him! any yuns on psn? lets get it done