Calling any Dublin and Ireland players

I know there are very, very few Third Strike players in Ireland so it’ll probably take a long while for this thread to get any replies but I’ll be checking it at least once a week so if you found this thread through a search and it’s old please still reply anyway.

As I’m sure you know there is absolutely no arcade scene to speak of in Ireland so it is very hard to find others who are into games like 3rd Strike. I’m starting this thread in an attempt to find any Irish players either on Xbox Live or who live close to Dublin. Now Xbox Live is all well and good but the real aim of this thread is to be able to organise proper meet ups.

If you live in Ireland and despair at the lack of competition in your area please reply to this thread and hopefully we can organise something. I already know one other person from here but we haven’t managed to organise anything yet. I know there are a few more of you mythical people out there from Ireland so please let’s try and get some kind of Street Fighter scene going here.

I’m going to be in Belfast for a while next week… Are there any arcades in Belfast?

Nothing decent that I know of.

Bumping this since I’m sure there has to be more than two other people in Ireland who play Third Strike. There’s five million of you Irish types about on this little island, someone else must have bought the Anniversary Collection but I’ll be damned if I can find them.

Just curious, is there ANY type of scene in Ireland / Europe? Im planning a trip to go to Europe next year (Germany or Netherlands) but I was just curious as how Fighting games are over there…What does everyone play? Are people into video games?

Holla back

-The GEese

There’s no scene in Ireland whatsoever. I’ve been trying to find other players for ages but apart from two or three friends of mine I haven’t found anyone.

It’s a bit stupid to put Europe under the one bracket though, there’s big scenes in London and some other places dotted around.

Hey what’s going on?

Yeah, my fault…Just goes to show you how much of Europe I know…What I meant to say was if there there was any type of scene in Ireland or these other countries (Netherlands or Germany) since i will be travelin there sometime June next year…I know, its a long ways away, but I wanted to ask this early on…but yeah, so what games do you play? I myslef play CvS2, Third Strike, a little of everything else…Anyways, thanks for the info…


Geese - 3rd Strike gets played in both Netherlands and Germany. ImmovableMind (I think that’s his name?) lives in Netherlands, so he’ll be able to help you out more. France and UK are your best bets for 3S though, CvS2 barely gets played anywhere in Europe…

Thanks, I really appreciate the info.

Now, I have another question for you…In terms of someone who has never been to Europe, coming from the US, what should I expect from the Netherlands, UK or Ireland? I am still debating on where to go (I might want to teach english or do graphic design)…right now Im mulloing over UK, Germany or the Netherlands…I just want to know a little bit more, and even from a fighting game players POV. But let me know any information and I will really appreciate it.


-The Geese

Im Irish, and I play 3rd Strike :wgrin: , I dont live in Dublin though.

Cool Cool.

JOhnick, where do you get competition? And in (Dumb question) what is the most popular game over there? And what is the style of play there? Any other fighting games people play? Any King of Fighters? And are there any arcades?

Thanks, I appreciate the info. If I go to Europe, maybe we can get some matches in…Who do you pick?


Where do you live then J0hnick?


GeeseHoward: Tekken is the only fighter anybody plays over here, there is effectivley no 2d fighting scene :sad:

Thanks Johnick,

I appreciate all the facts. So Tekken, huh? Tekken 5? OR Tekken 5 Resurrection? I can *somewhat * give you guys competition, I usually choose King or Lei Wu long, but yeah, I only play III Strike and CvS2, with CvS2 being my specialty, with some KOF 94-98, 2002-2003 thrown in (yeah, I know, no one plays these…lol) but yeah, A little Guilty Gear XX (Venom)…but yeah, I’m totally looking foward to visiting Europe and if time permits get a couple matches with people…

Thanks for all the help

-The Geese