calling DG

dg new av prem size. chop chop

ill make it later

Can I get a cool X-mas avatar featuring Urien?? Pretty please?

Merry Christmas somewhere on it and not my name.

DG, can I get an avatar where leopaldon eats the entire cast of SF2: the world warrior (including bosses) and then it says “fuckachunkz” and then god rugal comes in and beats leopaldon and then shin akuma beats rugal and then norimaro beats shin akuma and then magneto beats up megaman and then e. honda eats a blueberry pie?


Oh, and could you please put “Zandwich slept with IrropoiGirl” in the text somewhere and animate the bg so it glows or shimmers.

I know this isn’t an unreasonable request because I’ve seen other avatars just like it.

Also, you are emo and goth.

Again, if you do this request for me, I will cyber with you, despite the fact that I’m not very good at it and am, indeed, a man.


where DG at!? i want my avy before my prem runs out…

game over on the 4th post . . .

Strangely enough I feel I could actually do that in some capacity.

But it’d have to be 160x64


Do it.

i would also like to see this.

would you actually wear this if i made it

who wouldn’t, seriously. (thats not a …seriously, i would really have added it on in real speech)

absolutely. If either you or OC makes it, I promise I will wear it.


Mine > your interpretation.

That is the fuckachunkz way. BACK OFF.


… my avy first dg

OC: I can’t wait to see the av. A couple of things: 1 - try to make it look as much like my request as possible. 2 - except for where I mis-spelled IroppoiGirl’s name.

Also, do you want to cyber now, or when you finish the av?


it’s never gonna happen. believe me, i should know…crys in a corner

  1. You shut the fuck up.


we are not worthy!

LMAO, that shit is too good OC

How…is this possible!!!

My head assploded when I saw this, but the rest of my body thanks you immensely.

OC I love you.