Calling OC, DG, GQAC and any other fuckachunkz!

First one to get me a dope av of the penis breakdancing gets a month free premium. God bless you OC for posting this.

Oh for the want of highspeed!


Oh shit, PS. You renigged on me! I was all hyped too. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-URNS! lol

lol. PsychoSquall works in mysterious ways.

BTW Random, have you seen The Stomp yet?

I think it’d be right up your alley.


Don’t think I have. Hook it up.

…aww hell naw…


a v

^^^that would’ve been a great entry for ABC #X.

full of teh funkness.

good shyt, PS :clap:

You’s muh homie, homie. I’ll get at Wiz to extend your premium.

:wow: … Most talented av maker on SRK imho.

The transfer was made. Wiz should be hooking you up with an extension sometime soon.