Calling on the best AV makers


Ok i need a new AV. What i want is malin from kof2k3. I want here in her pink outfit, and in her stance after she breaks out of her school uniform (when she is crouching to the ground with her 2 knives out). And i want somewhere in the AV to say " A new generation of top tier". I would like a really good looking AV, i would appreciate it if someone could make it for me. If u decide to respond to this thread could u please post some of the other AV’s you’ve made before just so i can see what your previous work looks like, thanks a lot.:slight_smile:


Quiet down.:o I’ll see if I can do it later. If you really want to check my work, look in my link. All my other work is on my v-photos accounts, which I don’t feel like looking for. =/

edit: only can find one pic. Unless you can find something, no chance.


i’ll do it if u want 2. just check out my sig for my latest work. i did some sig for ppl like colomb0 and alphastorm; but dunno if dey still using 'em or not


Ill make one too i guess, just head over to my request thread to see some of my stuff.


You don’t even have a sig.

Any ways, if you guys can even find the sprite, have fun.