Calling out Storm assist while performing ROM

Whats the trick to performing this technique? I’ve seen Yipes and Magneto X do it with ease. Do you press the assist button before, after, or right when you do the last kick before the Super Jump?

no real sneaky way to it, its just ROM, land +call storm, ROM

yeah what he said.

Just push it when you land, so to directly answer, after the kick. Just think about it and put the assist call in between the natural space between land and super jump.

Ok. Is there a glitch regarding it on the PS2 version? Because I’ve tried multiple ways of doing it and at times the assist doesn’t come out at all.

Do you play pad or stick? Because if pad, sometimes if you don’t apply enough pressure to the button, the game won’t register it being pressed. I tell ya, there are times it seems as if I have to slam my assist button down during certain combos/situations when I KNOW that I can assist call. :stuck_out_tongue:

I play with the ps3’s DS3 controller. :frowning: I’m thinking about getting a fighting stick really soon though.

Thanks guys, I can now get storm to come out 95% of the time…pressing the assist button twice after the last kick and before the SJ seems to do it controller wise. Again, thanks. :wgrin: