Calling out the top players! (working on a article)

I do some freelance writing for a website (on the side of everything else I am doing) and I want to write an article on Professional gaming. I want to write about eh tournament experience and I want to have interviews with the top players of their games.

I already know that I have to get J-Wong to do an interview that is a given. I also want to get the top guy from Halo, Super Smash, and UT2004. the problem is since I havent really kept up with UT, Halo and Super Smash I dont know who that is right now. Can anyone tell me who is the top tier players in those games (since most of you are deeper in the scene than I am) also can someone tell me how to get in contact with Justin? (Via PM)

Thanks when I finish it I Will post it up over here.

For halo 2 talk to the ogre’s, and for halo 1 find zios (sp?).
Oh and have some decency and please omit any smash players from that interview.

I thought Smash was a big game to play? Is there something wrong with the Smash players? When I was at the TX showdown (the only time I seen Smash going on at a SF tournament) they might have been a bit loud but I never noticed anyone being a blatant ass-hat.

For Smash, find Ken or Isai.

There’s nothing wrong with tournament-level Smash Bros. players. Most of the bias towards them come from fighting game “purists,” I suppose, who haven’t actually given ssbm a real chance or haven’t bothered to keep up with tournament play at all. Its also a game that is mash friendly at low levels so kids have a lot of fun with it, which may give other people the impression that its a kids-only game.

I think if you can get a hold of a tournament level Smash Bros player, they’ll be able to give you some good insight on the scene and clear up some misconceptions that most players seem to have about SSBM.

I have a feeling you’re going to get a lot of flak on SRK about trying to interview a SSBM player, but whatever. The game gets no love over here. </3

For Smash, go to . Look for AzenZagenite (Azen), Malva00 (Isai), or SephirothKen (Ken).

I’m not your mama and can’t tell you what to do, but I suggest asking them questions about how the general public can quickly adapt to 2d fighting games.

Isn’t that Fatal1ty darsh still the best UT2k4 player?

Also, I think Captain Jack posts on these boards from time to time and while he may not be the absolute best Smash player out there, he is certainly capable of beating anyone out there.

fatal1ty is ut2k4 champ and i think 2nd in painkiller?

yo that fatal1ty hoodie on his site is the truth!!!

For Halo you definitely want Zyos. He 0wned at Gameriot and the World Cyber Games.