Calling SFxT masters...can i ask for some assistance?

been playing SFxT recently, i am a total newbie to fighting games of capcom. but i already watched some of TbirdsSF4’s tutorials so i think some of the game’s mechanics most probably i already have an idea about it but with regards to executions i think i am still quite poor at that part.

i wish to improve my gameplay i hope you guys can help me. first of all my characters are Chun-Li / Ryu or Ken or Xiao Yu (i am not sure if Xiao yu is good for beginners since i didnt play tekken before.). and i am a pad user.

first problem that i encounter is i can do my character’s moves most probably 60%~70% chance to execute properly. because there are times when i check my button inputs my LP,MP,etc always punched in too early. this often happens to chun-li’s moves especially to the SBK. somce times i end up my chunli doing a neutral jump attack instead of the SBK i dont know if my character time is not enough. from what i observed chunli needs a 3 second charge time. but i dont know how to link this from a j.MP to cr.HP to SBK. i would like to ask tips for this scenario.

next with regards to chaining or linking o canceling (from cr.MK to shoryuken) i am not very familiar with these actions because first of all i dont know how to time the transition of my cr.MK to shoryuken. next is there is a possibility that my inputs are quite slow.

i think that pretty much about it, i hope you guys can help me. thanks in advance.

oh and right now since i am a total newbie to the game i am trying to learn zoning instead of links and chains since i cant execute them well i think that is my other way to add some edge to my play style. what do you guys think?

and currently i have not tried playing offline. and i still cant beat the game in hardest. maybe the highest difficulty that i can beat is hard.

For the Chun combo, start charging as soon as you jump. That will give you enough time. You can charge regardless of whether you’re jumping, on the ground, etc.

Cr Mk to SRK is almost always going to be a cancel, IE, you have to do the input quickly.

For other misc execution questions, check the sticky if you haven’t already.

The spacing you need to learn to zone well is an important fundamental to learn in Street Fighter.

I would avoid playing the computer as much as possible. Look for people with good connections online or (better yet) use regional matchmaking to find some people local to play with.

sadly online play is not available in my region. my best bet is to play with a CPU. here in my area i dont have other players to play with and there is no PSN here in my country. i must wait until the local sony distributor here in my area make an agreement with sony international and put up a PSN.

excuse me trouble brewing but may i ask what is IE?

i.e. means “that is”. It’s a cancel, you have to do it fast.

You should still be able to make a PSN account for another region/country. Just pick something close to you. I have accounts in regions I don’t live in. PSN isn’t offically supported in China but we all log on fine.

to do links…hmmm how will you link from 1 action to another like 2 MP how will you link this 2. where should you press the next MP? during the active frame? or recovery frame?

You do it after the move has fully recovered. Otherwise you would be ‘cancelling’ the animation.

Well, timing is pretty much learned through training mode. You would have to learn the rhythm of when to link each move and continue to memorize that rhythm to be able to execute the links properly. The same goes for combos. Most things can be learned through training mode, so just practice on there and good luck! :slight_smile:

I dont think sfxt is your problem its fighting games in general that you need to learn. Here are some places to learn the techniques you will need on your journey:

Also check the regional matchmaking threads on these forums and find local players in your area to help you level up!!!

here is a link:

That is really unfortunate. Even playing online is better than playing the CPU, because the CPU normally does stupid things that a normal human being wouldn’t even consider. If I was you I’d spend most of my time in training mode working on combos, input execution, and overall timing.

thank guys. hehe

well i dont know if its a good idea to train in arcade mode setted in hardest. right now i cant even win a match in hardest the cpu is quite fast using balrog. lol cant block all his attack. i think i won 1 round via time out. i was practicing my survival skill and zoning.

o btw what does xx mean in the combo threads?
and in canceling action like from to srk when should i do the qcf punch? during active frame or recovery frame or before active frame?

XX = Cancel
You do the motion during the active frames.

I am glad that you are playing Ryu
everybody should start playing any street fighter game (3rd strike is the exception)
by learning Ryu first

i think third strike ryu is included they are guest fighters for the online version