Calming down at tournaments

I recently played at a local tournament (that I actually ended up doing significantly better than I’ve ever done), and during every single match I played my hands would shake like crazy. I had a match against a guy who I pretty much knew I would easily win against before the match began, and I STILL had violently shaking hands. Even for a few minutes after a match would be over, I could watch my hands shake and go wild, and I felt really jittery.

I tried chewing gum during matches, hoping it would be an outlet for my body to do something instead of making my hands shake, but it didn’t seem to help at all. I tried calming my mind, taking it easy, not thinking about the stakes too much, but still no dice. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t my first tournament - I’ve been to one other local tournament, two pretty major CA tournaments, and EVO.

Other than continuing to attend tournaments, is there anything I can do to chill out? I’m considering things like taking NyQuil or a little alcohol, because the nervous shaking can really affect my game, and it’s kind of embarrassing.

What do YOU do to calm yourself down at tournaments?

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Experience & alcohol (or calming agent or your choice). Often together.

Simply having experience playing under pressure situations more regularly helps, you can speed this up by playing at tournaments, at arcades and by challenging people to money matches, or by setting up any situation where there’s something to be won/lost, and where people are going to be watching you, and barracking for/against you.

If you do this a bit, and don’t find yourself getting better, one thing to realize is that often we are nervous about nervousness, one option is to just try to have a couple of drinks (or whatever) before hand, and hopefully you’ll only need to do it a couple of times before you feel comfortable, and don’t need it anymore (since while it might get rid of your nerves, it is probably hurting your reflexes & judgement).

I just drink some beer.

Experiance will calm you more than anything else

Taking deep breaths may help. Also like everyone else says after after going to a couple of tournaments you will feel in place. I don’t know if you do what I do but I sometimes feel someone is going to judge how I play and then I get nervous so to prevent that I talk to a couple of people and see how cool they are and it somehow helps.

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I remember that my rent money isn’t riding on me winning this tournament then I do fine and end up salty anyway

Get in on those casuals before the tournament starts if you can. Try talking to everyone there, you know buddying up with people. I find that it makes you a little less nervous if your opponents aren’t complete strangers, plus you’ll be getting a warm up too. Of course if you’re at a major event it’s not possible to chat with everyone, but just mingling with people can take the edge off too.

I have had the exact same problem, and still do… the same group of players can play each other non-stop in a normal setting, but in a tourney (a very not normal setting) a different sort of pressure comes into play that influences the players, some (like you and me) much more then others. It takes experience playing under that sort of pressure - so don’t give up, though yea, alcohol could be something to think about.