Calming down for Combos

I’m trying to learn Ryu’s Shoryuken -> FADC -> Ultra, and I’ve gotten it down successfully a few times in near succession. Of course, I’d like to get it down consistently, so I’ve continued practicing this. While I’m glad to have finally done something that seemed near impossible at first, I’ve run into a problem. When I try to do a shoryuken to start everything off, it just will not come out. I turned on input display to see why it wouldn’t come out, and it turns out I’m hitting the punch button much too early. I can do shoryukens very consistently no problem, but as soon as I enter FADC Ultra mode, they just can’t come out, and I end up FADC’ing a punch animation instead. If I try to slow down for my shoryukens, then I’m not in a “fast” enough mindset to FADC the shoryuken before it’s too late. This is more frustrating than when I first started out and just couldn’t get the Ultra out fast enough.

Any advice on how to “slow down” for combo-ing in a situation like this?

something I picked up from iaido:

  1. breathe
  2. do it slowly
  3. stay relaxed
  4. repeat to make it faster

others will probably give u better advise

Just do the shoryuken -> FADC first. Practice that a bunch of times. Once you get that out practice either the whole thing or just FADC to Ultra.

Usually if I break things down like this to seperate parts it helps me get the whole thing out. When you’re looking to do the full combo you start overloading your brain because you end up trying to do all 3 moves at nearly the same time, rather than in sequence.

I would say do the shoryuken -> FADC a lot, once you get that down all you have to do it add in the ultra. Look at it as 2 moves instead of 3.

That’s a really good idea, and that’s how I learned how to do it in the first place. Since I’ve “unlearned” it, I guess I’ll go back to doing that until I can calm myself down enough. Thanks.

I had to take a break though, as FADCing the same retarded lp instead of shoryuken was pretty much the most frustrating thing ever, lol.

Check out this thread if you haven’t yet. It has a bunch of tips for improving execution.

Just keep practicing until you’ll get feel for the timing. Eventually, fadc’ing anything will just be another thing you do. Just make sure that if you know you are going for a fadc, whether the srk lands or is blocked, always use a fierce srk for max damage.

I might be off base, but honestly, it sounds to me that this should be last thing you should be practicing though. You should learn fundamentals and BnB combos first before fadc’ing. Landing it might be fun the first few times in actual play, but once that fun wears off, you’ll have a useless ability to do a fadc ultra, but no combos or set ups to actually land it effectively. Hitting it on wake up is not a effective way of landing it. Learn your combos, your footies, and your spacing first. The fadc comes more naturally after you have developed your hit confirming and combo’ing abilities. Skipping to the flash and flare isn’t going to win you a lot of matches.

I kind of know you’re right, but I don’t really have anyone to play with yet, and that’s the only way to learn other stuff. I played a lot of SF4 back when I had time and back when it was more popular online and I had people to play with, but I played as Balrog. I also didn’t get to use my arcade stick much back when I first got it.
I’m just kind of doing what I can to prepare for SSF4, and prepare for actual competition. (The tourny scene in my city isn’t active at the moment) Since all I can really do is practice execution and get adjusted to my arcade stick, that’s what I’ve decided to do for now.

EDIT: Oh and thanks for the tips everyone.

Seems like a case of mashing. Try to do it slower with minimal button presses. Practice doing the combo as slow as you can and then when playing think back to your practice and try to execute the combo slowly on other players.

This helped me a bit when trying to perform a crouching jab x2 into spinning pile driver with Seth. I used to mess up a ton when trying that little mixup but now I got it down a bit more consistently by doing it slower.

To expand on what Digital- said:

Yeah, stop with the mashing. You want to go for timing. It’s counter intuitive at first because I know you want to get as many inputs for more chances but in the case of ryu’s combo, you want smooth, clean motions that are timed well.