Calories in drugs


So lately, I have been taking a few cough drops today to deal with my sore throat. The thing that bugs me is that the bag of Halls Cough Drops only contains drug facts on the back, no nutrition label information. Does that mean that drugs have 0 calories? I hope trying to deal with my sore throat doesn’t cost me my waste.


bet that there is a high amount of sugar to mask the taste of the medicinal ingredients.


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It’s listed under “Other information.” Curiously my package of Mentho-Lyptus Triple Soothing Action says 12 calories per drop, while the website says 15 calories per drop. But the sugar-free ones are only 5 calories per drop.
However since Halls are individually wrapped, they will give you a relatively large amount of waste.


Meth has negative calories.

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Cough drops are not medicine. They are candy.


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