I know it’s a long shot, but I’m here now and things are definitely different from 13 years ago (used to live here)…I’ve been hanging out mostly in Siem Reap and I doubt there’s any arcades here, but I will be going back to Phnom Penh and I’m sure there will be arcades there. Hopefully they’ve graduated from rainbow edition…

Any SRKers out here??? I will update this thread with my findings…

sorry bud they only play hot potato with landmines =(

All the Cambodian players moved to Montreal.

HAHAHA this is so true. Most of the MTLSF players are Cambodian

I always wondered what Cambodia was like. I have a coworker that is Cambodian but she seems afraid to go back because she was involved in some of the worse part of the history behind it. In any event…I’ve heard of some people who had been there and it looks like an interesting place to travel to. I guess the topic creator can fill me in.

what mtlsf players?

lol :rofl:

Haha yeah there are lots of unknown (but really good) Cambodians who play in the Bay Area and Fresno (California places) but they never go to major tournaments. =\

If anybody wants to vacation here…I would suggest spending most of your time in Siem Reap. It’s so different now…lots of international food, the place is actually SAFE, people are so friendly (still have some beggars though), and hotels range from incredibly cheap to astronomical (Angelina Jolie stays at a hotel that’s 1000 USD a night). Of course, the main attraction is Angkor Wat and the other temples…and maybe the happy pizza ^_^; but you can get that at most places in Cambodia…

When I lived here, in Phnom Penh during 1995, I would remember going to arcades that had like 10-15 rainbow edition cabinets…kids would just mash on the punches with Zangief and his lariats had 4 yoga flames surrounding it haha…I’m hoping that that trend is gone but who knows, they still sell those 64-in-1 famicon cartridges. At least there’s now ATMs and more paved roads. Still, Phnom Penh is full of vice…if that’s your thing, you could really go nuts and turn the town upside down but with AIDS and corrupt cops and such, it is definitely risky…really cheap, though.

Will update more when I return to the capital tomorrow (hopefully)…I always try to get photos of places in different countries that have SF in some form.

HAHAHAA the first two posts made this an awesome thread :smiley:

Yeah…because any jokes involving landmines are supposed to be comedic gold. Care to share some? I hope they’re funny because I haven’t heard anything funny about that kind of stuff. It would be interesting if you could make up something funny.



ok, here’s one: “sorry bud they only play hot potato with landmines =(”

Fail. :confused:

Or they live in the East End of Hamilton. :confused:

reading comprehension > you

Still not funny