Camcorder for recording matches

sup guys, i’m looking for a camcorder to record my matches. not looking to spend too much as this is the only thing that i will be using it for. just saw this one on slickdeals…

not really sure what i should be looking for though. any thoughts?

How are the matches being played? Are they on console or arcade machine? If on a console, a better idea might be getting a capture card for a pc and splitting the inputs to go to both the tv and video in for the pc.

Here’s a thread that might interest you: Guide to Recording Games

If you are gonna record at the arcade or do a DSP, I’d suggest:

  • Sony DSCW290 - Records 720p resolution and is the same camera DSP uses. I’ve got it as well and it’s great.
  • Kodak zi6 Mini-Camcorder - Records in 720p resolution and can fit into your pocket. Not to mention the price is pretty good (around $150). If you can wait until next month, Kodak is coming out with the zi8 which is able to record in 1080p.

I’d advise you to say away from the Flip series mini-camcorders (mino-HD and ultra-HD). The quality in low-light conditions suck balls, not to mention that you won’t be able to charge these things at all because of an overheating error that pops up every ten minutes of charging (trust me I’ve owned them both and both were returned to the store).

Hope this helps you.