Camcorder: Kodak Zi6 or Zi8 in low light?


Hi there,

I just got the Zi6 and I think it does a pretty bad job in average to low light inside. Quick question: is the Zi8 better under these conditions? If so, I’m going to get it - otherwise I’ll keep the Zi6 and spend some time on thinking about carrying a small spotlight (any suggestions?) to do some filming on tournaments.


I have the Zi8 and it’s pretty noisy under low light. All of these cheap small sensor cameras are going to perform badly I’m afraid, you’ll need one with a much larger sensor to get better quality.


Yeah, had that thought, too. But I’m not willing to spend more than 200 EUR on a camera I only use sometimes, so I just would like to know how they behave directly in this certain situation - that means, if the Zi8 is worth the higher price.


I’ve not seen the Zi6 so can’t comment on their differences, that said the Zi8 was pretty well received. See this review:


Just made my decision: Zi8 is the way to go. Thanks for the article link.


No probs. I wouldn’t put much hope in the 1080p video, it’s just not really up to the task. The 720p/60fps is excellent though.