Camcorder/Video fees at next Evo

Most of the money that is used to fund these events come from Dvd sales.

The biggest complaint, imo, regarding the dvd would be in how long it takes to actually be released.

When some bring video cameras, they record what they can of what they want. Some even distribute footage. This hurts the funding for another event, minutely, at least.

So, why not charge a small fee to be able to record on your own? $5-$10 per day or a flat rate for the whole weekend.

It seems completely fair to me. Afterall, we know some ppl actually make money for their own video equipment by recording matches at Evo. Isn’t it fair for the promoters, themselves, to get a cut to help fund the next event? It may even help with producing a larger ammount at once instead of having to wait for orders which would allow dvds to get out faster.

Just an idea. At least I won’t be hearing shit like: “you like my idea?” When they bit off of me from years back, lol. Who’s gonna wanna say it was their idea to take more money? lol

Joking aside, that shit is mad fair and would help make these events happen and “evolve.”


That’s a good idea. I don’t wanna pay it…but in respect for what it takes to put together the event, it’s only fair.

yea thats actully how its done at breakdancing event :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you do bring up a good point apoc, but the problem is that then people would want to just distribute the footage even more. because once people pay their money to film, they’ll probably just figure that they are entitled to distribute their vids to whoever wants them on irc/efnet/dc/etc.

and i think that would hurt the DVD sales even more, but then again you would have GUARANTEED money that the cannons/tourney organizer has in their pockets instead of hoping for the dvd’s to sell well. it’s a double-edged sword i guess, but you do put a different spin on it.

but then again, i went to evo (remember me?) and i’m DEFINITELY gonna buy the DVD once it comes out, no matter what amount of footage is released because the tourney was just that good.

I think it would be OK too but I also think it WILL hurt DVD sales. I agree that people will think they are entitled to do whatever they want with their footage as they “paid for the right” to take the footage. What might be another decent idea is to possibly pay for a “camera only” spot up front to set up and record matches on the big screen. A VIP spot if you will. The others can film from their seats. Others will argue that if it weren’t for their footage of EVO 2002, there wouldn’t have been a “Christmas” for SRK as they used other people’s tapes for the DVD. I think a camera angle to make some extra $ is a good idea but there is a potential for backlash. Regardless, I plan to get the DVD myself.

The question is can you generate enough revenue from the camcorder fees to replace the DVD sales? The assumption is that as soon as you allow everyone to tape it, it’s going to be put on the net (since now the people paid for the right to do so, at least they will feel that way) and then mightaswell not even put a dvd out.

If an event is budgeted so that it RELIES on the sale of DVDs AFTER the event itself, something might be wrong with the planning.

Cut out the complicated calculations, and simply make the registration/entry fee make up for the cost of setting up the event.

DVD sales should just come as a profit to those who invest the time and money to produce a DVD of the event.

Evolution is a tournament, not a DVD.


Why not, it’s been a pretty good bet so far. AFAIK it relies on all aspects, entry fees, DVD sales, etc…

ooook, so now all the people going to the tournament have to make up the difference in DVDs, a lot of which are being sold to people that weren’t at the event… hello $60+ entry fees… I doubt most people will agree with your stance on that.


How come SRK people get so philosophical on these straightforward issues. Evolution is not a tournament if there is no evolution bank account, which means there should be some evolution t-shirts, coffee mugs, dvds, vhs, laserdisc, soundtracks, whatever to fill up said account for the tournament.

How would charging to bring a camera in hurt dvd sales when ppl already tape and distribute match vids and sell them anyway? The only difference that I see is that the tournament gets a cut of what is ALREADY being done.


I agree with it.

Even last years DVD was better than what was on the net, and if this year is direct feed and such, noone that could even do a decent job would even trouble themselves with it. Noone that i know of went there with the intent to release good footage, and only a couple people even tried, but it’s not really close.

Giving the license to do so is much different, as people would be coming into evo with the intent to make tons of high quality releases that would compete directly with the DVD (intentionally or not), and would be able to set up shop to get the best video they could, instead of someone’s handheld cam from 100 ft away.

I’m still confused. What has kept these ppl from already doing this? I never said to charge in order to validate sales. The rules wouldn’t change at all for distribution of footage. The only rule change would be that you paid if you brought a camera in. You still wouldn’t legally be allowed to sell footage. I don’t understand how anything would change aside from the fee. Perhaps my initial post was confusing.


if people running evolution2k4 were the only ones allowed to have video cameras…and all other cameras were banned, dvd sales would almost double probably.

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You cant really say that becuase if someone has the DVD they are going to copy it and spread it between freinds and one whole state can actually use that same DVD:lol:

If i bought the dvd i would copy it and sell it to other poeple i know:) :smiley:

The plan is for the tournament to pay for itself and for the DVD sales to cover the hosting costs for the website for the year leading up to the tournament.

Registration fees would have to be well over $100 a head to cover the tournament and hosting costs, which is out of reach of most of the people attending.

popo is exactly right.

If people pay ANY amount to bring their camera in, 1$ or 100$, a lot of them will think they have the right to distribute anything and everything… because they “paid” for it.

Also, dvds aren’t made after people order them. That isn’t the reason it takes so much time to come out. Last year, the DVD was done by someone will a full time job. This year we have 3x as many games. There’s a lot of stuff to do, but having extra money doesn’t make it go any faster.


thats a great idea i mean without you guys there would be no evolution and if it were me i would ban cameras on games

I think camcorders should be banned now with the release of the Sony DVD Handycam.