Camcorder/Video fees at next Evo


i think cameras should be banned because of this

yes that is another match from evo released on the web


Yo I feel what bacardi is saying on that link up above but, there are alot of cats who don’t have credit cards, debit, checks etc, some don’t trust the postal system so the won’t send for it that way why not be the one to tape or been in some of the best matches at the biggest tourny in the US that year, also a little preview like that posted up above would hurt it will make people say hummm wow I can’t wait to see more of that.

One way to cut down on so much drama cause Bacardi I was at Final Round and I read what happened with soemthings of yours in the past. A few of the things I taped Got posted by some T.E.K Memebers but I didn’t sweat it. Anyways back to my point.
Aight Blazinflo Mixup and the crew roll to tournies together and Blaz records how about if like when people come to say Final round and see myself or Flash G or Josh Wigfall taping talk the guy be-friend him cut a deal like if you can’t get all of the Marvel Matches and there are three screens of competition goign on let Myself and someone else tape the next two we can meet distribute the rest after the tourny, editors can talk and divise a plan in which to put all the footage together whether then some scrub taping then constantlly posting up what he has then when you buy the DVD your looking at the same matches. I can explain it better later im at work and im typing two different things on two different subjects hopefully someone can catch a feel as too what im saying.

even if you do ban video cameras people will still be able to record video with digital still cameras that are able to capture video also. theres no way of telling. or else you would have to ban every camera even still photos.

also if you make people pay a fee, people can get in with those digital still cameras without paying and thats not fair to everyone else that payed. but entry fee or not people are still going to distribute videos one way or another.

so unless you ban every type of camera besides disposables it wouldnt be fair

ok this “Last year, the DVD was done by someone will a full time job.” I know the dvd is out to support EVO, and the tournament but throwing shit quality on a dvd doesn’t cut it for a price of $34 a dvd. If you watch the ST part of the 2d disc of 2003 the quality is horrific! you can’t even see the names of the players, its a white block! When you spend $34 you expect a dvd for $34 I know they make s-video out for cabniets and svhs/dvdr players to capture the footage on in good quality. Maybe if the dvds were in better quality and not on dual sided single layer disc! it should have been 2 dual sided dual layerd discs, with higher bitrate. If you bring out an amazing dvd for 2004 well worth the $34 then I doubt people will post their footage online or whatever becuase its going to be better then there own camera footage. also “There’s a lot of stuff to do, but having extra money doesn’t make it go any faster.” Wrong, it gets more people to work on the dvd and better quality, which I’m expecting on the 2004 DVD

Well, I can understand the pros and cons on this issue but I’ll just throw in my two cents. I plan on buying the Evo 2003 DVD when I get some cash and I have the 3s finals, marvel finals, GGXX finals, some ST finals, and CvS2 finals on tape. However, I used my camera most of the time to have fun. We interviewed random people, got random shit on tape and that’s a lot more entertaining to me than watching the finals over and over again. I wouldn’t be too happy to pay 20 or 30 extra just so I could have the privaledge of filming a few things inside, when the majority of it would be me and friends I never get to see bullshitting.

There’s also a control issue. Like it’s been said previously, people are going to feel they can put up whatever cause they paid for it. You can’t stop people putting the footage up, you can only depend on those to honor their word about putting up any footage. Also, if they put a ban on camcorders how would it be controled? Evo is HUGE, and I doubt the Cannons want to have two people by the doors checking people as they come in and out. If a ban is put on cameras unless people had paid to use theirs, how would that be managed? Wristbands or something? Those would still have to be checked.

The finals this year were done in the dark and I know many people came and went during those finals. Would there be somebody running around with a flashlight checking people with cameras to make sure they had permission to have their cameras?

I think if this is that big of an issue, perhaps adding things that can only be seen on the DVD would be a good option to counteract matches being on the web, etc. Interviews with random people and players, getting peoples’ opinions on certain match ups, etc would be a really cool thing to add to the DVD. Of course that means more work by those who do the DVD, so it’s all based on what the people in charge want to do.

Oh, and DSP is an asshole for putting that vid up. We all know that. There are people who are assholes in the scene, and that’s to be expected cause you’re dealing with a large group of people. He’s got his own laundry list of beef with the Cannons so I’m sure that’s why he put it out, but that’s not relevant. Some people are just dicks, and it fucks shit up for everybody else. That’s to be expected.

I do the same things with my firends when we go to out of town tournies…fuck around, annoy ppl and film matches. I don’t mind paying a fee to bring my camera to the next EVO, its just how much it would be seeing how its gonna be almost double for us Canadians. I’ll still pay the fee tho, I’d rather pay a fair fee than lose memorable events with friends.

BTW. during EVO, everyone and I mean everyone on #capcom was glued to that live action channel (forgot its name) or constantly checking top-haters for info/vids. Hell it was the topic. My point is DSP simply put a vid up. ppl knew it was wrong but they watched it anyway. I didn’t even know he had a vid till that guy posted it. If u think about it, theres actually more than one person at fault here.

The DVD has match play on it, it doesn’t capture the experience of being at the event, it doesn’t capture me and my friends walking around the place talking to people, it doesn’t capture US specifically.

I’m coming from australia specifically for this event, I want to have record of more than the matches alone, banning cameras will prevent me (and every other person who wants to do the same thing) from doing that.

Whoever brought up that idea or even agrees with it, should think of these things.

BTW, do you have any ideas of when you’ll announce dates and venues for this years evo? I’d just like to plan as much in advance as I can if possible.


I’ll volunteer to check :smiley: I might even get in my dress blues to add that security effect!!

(yeah, right)

Seriously though, I’ve brought my camcorder to every tourney I’ve been too here on the EC and I’m not the only one, but with me I usually tape the whole tourney for one game (mvc2/3s/etc) Other people who taped only a ‘part’ of the doesn’t put them up or anything. Because I taped the majority of a game I try to put them up upon request from those who couldn’t make or those that attended. Remember, vids may be nice to have to watch past tourneys, but other people use them as training aids. I have tons of footage from past tourneys that people want to see, but I’m getting off the subject here. Some people like viewing vids from different angles, free hand, direct feed, etc… Hell I don’t know, but the bottom line is IMO I don’t think it’ll hurt DVD sales, unless someone else decides to bring more than 1 or 2 camcorders to tape the next evo and later distribute those footage to ‘compete’ with the sales of the Official Evo '04 DVDs

well, thats my .02