I’m looking to buy a camcorder to record crap… I wanna know what’s a good camcorder for under $200? Does anyone know where to look? I don’t know what’s good, what’s bad, etc. Don’t wanna buy some shit ass camcorder that looks badass but does nothing. Thanks.

To be honest with you, you won’t find a good camcorder for under $200.

Not expecting good, just enough to record random shit when I walk the streets mangg =

Well… what quality are you looking for? I use a Sony PD170 sometimes to get B-roll footage for work (I work at a TV studio) but it’s simply a piece of shit compared to Sony DSR-400 that I normally shoot with… but both cameras run a few grand each. If you are just looking to record random shit and don’t care about features or quality much, why not just buy a digital camera with a large flash card that can record video?

For everyday stuff that you can carry in your pocket, i guess i can recommend the Flip Camera…Its very easy to use & easy to transfer to computer…Quality does its job…

If you want something for special occasions or vacations your looking at something close to $600-$1000 range, i would recommend the HV20 Canon…Does 1080p & think was rated best camera by consumers…

If you have a firewire port, go with the Sony HC52, decent quality and good low light. It does take a digital cassette though so its gonna take a hour to download if you have a hour of recorded video. (The max recording time on a MiniDVC is 1 hour on High Quality.)