Came to a realization in skill


I’ve been practicing my one frame links and flashy combo’s for almost a year now and it literally just dawned on me. Though that stuff is execitonally important that BARELY scratches the surface of this game as deep as the grand canyon. I’m not entirely sure how to explain the way I feel about this issue as it’s hard to explain but it’s so much more deep than getting your combo’s down pat in the training room. It’s about learning every characters frames on every move and knowing your own characters frames so you can punish it or not, if not then options open up on both sides. It’s fantastically complex.

Within 2 weeks of studying the most popular characters frame data I have improved my game in a way I didn’t think was possible. I went from 2400 PP to 4500 PP in about a month. Fundamentals mean a lot in a video game sure, but to know the game inside and out for all it is, that’s where the true learning begins.

I just want to say after all the time I’ve spent grinding on this game this epiphany has increased my skill level above anything I could have imagined and if I have any advice to some of you in the same position its this. LEARN THE ENGINE! if you have trouble with a certain character read every bit of frame data know what is punishable and what is not. If it’s not punishable figure out their next likely followup and deal with it accordingly as you will already be expecting it.

I’ve had a bit to drink tonight so sorry if some of this makes sense but I just had to get this off my chest and say I’ve found a new level of gaming and I’m going to bring it to every aspect of my life be it gaming or otherwise.

All thanks to you SRk, thanks for giving me the information necessary to put dumb fucking Adon in his place every single time.

Edit: Also learn your characters safejumps/setups/resets. They are so very very important and not just for “professional” players. Put the work in to learn every single one be it from a back throw, forward flow, completed ultra/super. sweep. or any number of options. Learn the safe jump on both sides for every situation and your opponent will have absolutely no idea what’s happening until 52-5500 pp.


I think combo practicing and learning frame data should always be learned after you get your feet wet. Though 4500 PP is very impresive, and an indicator of exceptional skill; not to be underestimated, that this is PP we are talking about, not BP.

I never looked at any frame data or practiced combos extensively for hours; I just play the game and learn the matchups. My way of learning “what works and what doesn’t” is by making millions of mistakes but learning after every time. You can somewhat still instinctively learn frame data and gut-feeling safe aspects of the game by just playing A LOT… and I mean, A-L-O-T.

But it sounds like your way is also fine, and to each their own. For me it was just going straight in and getting my feet wet.