Camelot 7/14 ST Results

Tournament results for Super Turbo

1st) Mike Watson
2nd) Langrisser
3rd) Vermilli0n
4th) UCRollerBlader
5th) KillerKai
5th) Mt. Sac Kid
9th) DJ Jago
9th) Robust
9th) Tim
9th) Andy AkA BackPackMan
9th) Paul Lee
13th) Alfred
13th) Julius Jackson

If i made any mistakes anywhere lemme know.

Tourney Highlights

-Langrisser took Vermilli0n out in winners/losers
-Watson swept the competition
-UCRollerblader played Vermillion 42 times somehow before getting eliminated
-Robust sandbagged through whole tournament
-Paul lee…Langrisser took him out
-Mt. Sac Kid is anti Zangief so dont pick Zangief against him
-The Backpack Guy is going to win EVO
-KillerKai and Mt. Sac Kid had a hell of a battle with kai’s vega and kid’s RYU

Good shit everyone, hope to see yall at next tourney if one goes down.

GG’s, st > everything

it was a honor playing an OG like watson :clap:

NSJ aka DOTA masters taking over st now. Shit is ill. I’m down for dota/footies tommmomomomomrorow

Haha, this is “The Backpack Guy” Andy P.

GG’s to Mike Ross/Potter/everyone I played during the 3S & ST tourney casuals. You guys are hella cool and did a nice job running the tourney.
Thanks to the E. Honda dude for peacing out my Bison hardcore, lol yeah I know that’s not the greatest matchup.

Good Games to all the ST players, finally some quality real life games, now we can go home and look forward to playing bitch ass faggots like savalas online. Peace. Father you see king the police

hey you niggas should all come down again next thursday for some ST. hey backpack man you live in corona?? we need to get some ST son

good tourney. Mike i want a rematch vs. your rog with chun. Everyone, rog is really really broken. I hate him, but it makes me want to play the game to figure out how to beat him. Watson, i’m calling you out in marvel again next week if you go

i pwn mvc2 money matches 100% lifetime. :slight_smile: gg’s to all in ST and 3S. Im your daddy for the day hookers!! keep it comin. good shit at camelot even though sticks arent 100%. see you all next week. keep entry fee low so people will enter. make it 70-20-10 for every tourney and annouce so there is no complaints later. thanks,


potter, you my boy, but i gotta root for duc man. hes almost my age :slight_smile:

one more thing, mike ross, you av is fucken gheyest shit ever man. white boy with a fro, wtf!!!

its quite obvious watson that you are so amazed by the technique, the sheer artwork and genius of KEN in my avatar that the words cant seem to come out right. I can tell by your comment that you are in AWE of KEN…BY REQUEST ONLY!!! You Love IT!

we need to play ST next week!

i have 1 million on watts winning marvel

if he enters

yeah, sorry i made you play me 30 billion times in 3s in casual but i really wanna learn to play that game and i have no footsies.


I actually predicted the fucken results right hahaha. Well kinda…I didn’t know that Watson was going to show up haha.


Ahh too bad me and Afro didn’t show up. Good job Lang and Verm. Nice showing.

Fuck Watson he has no footsies.

it’s coo, but we have the same heritage. You can’t deny your roots forever watts


While I’m honoured to be mentioned in other threads, don’t be such a hypocrite Jayo\Vermillion or whatever the fuck you call yourself.
I made you drop and now you’re bitter. Get over it. If you can’t handle losing, don’t play against the legendary savalas.


Camelot still has a working ST cabinet? Even better Watson still plays? Might have to make a cameo next time around. Langrisser & Vermillion, did Supercade ever fix the controls for AE.

If Camelot ever runs ST on a modded Xbox (Mame), then its on! (pads are coming out) :clap:

Sup DGV,

I dont know the last time you’ve been to super arcade but now its on a machine thats so lousy, that even if the controls were working perfectly it’d still be garbage. Right now each joystick is about 6 inches long and the buttons are spaced out 1 inch each, and usually 3 buttons arent working on each side.

But if you guys ever go to super lookin for AE comp, u might as well play with me/lang out my house since im 2 minutes away.

CigarBoB, YES you and afro should’ve come! I need to play pro’s right now to get better, u need to teach me some ken/guile stuff cause i wanna get good with those characters. Hope to see you guys at next tourney.