Camelot 7/21 ST Full Results

K, the brackets were done on paper plates, and my writing is horrible, so if i mess up anywhere, please let me know.

Around 20 entered

1st) Watson
2nd) Langrisser
3rd) Paul Lee
4th) Mt. Sac Kid
5th) Vermilli0n
5th) Beast of Blood
7th) Papa Trunks
7th) Eric Choi aka First Place
9th) Game_Tip
9th) Dr. Bagnus
9th) Ken I. from Nantucket
9th) David Lee
13th) Chumpinator
13th) Potter
13th) Junior B.
13th) Justus
17th) Martin
17th) Jayo AkA Ricky Fisher
17th) Muffin Man

-Mt. Sac Kid held it down today
-A lot of Old new faces tonight, if u get what that says
-Watson sweeps the competition again though his avatar sexual preference is questionable
-Paul lee used third strike Ken on me somehow and disabled my blocking for the win, but thats ok
-Langrisser avenged my death and disabled paul lee’s blocking to guarantee third
-Dr. Bagnus almost countered Paul Lee’s honda, last pixel kinda stuff
-BackPackMan was a no show, its ok we miss you.
-Jayo AkA Ricky Fisher and Chumpinator made their first ST public appearance today and had to play top dogs first rounds and did a damn good job.
-Potter has discovered that ST Bison knows best.
-Papa Trunks out zoned ol school beast Ken I from nantucket, sick shit.
-Beast of Blood’s dhalsim was spittin hot flames like cassidy vs. freeway, sick shit.

Hope to see you all next tournament!

watson = invoker

we need to do this again
good games tonight guys
mike ross we are 1-1 now
next week

Indeed Christian…indeed

Damn Watson sweeps again? Good stuff, hope to return the favor sometime. All you guys are getting too good.
I still haven’t fully recovered from the flu so I hope everyone makes it next week. Sounds like this was the best ST ever.

ggs someone train ST with me lol I need a training partner

way to hold it down christian, the juice is commin back…

Kudos goes out to Christian…representing for all the Stevie B fans out there :cool: Hey, Chrisitian, pm us (DG & myself) if Camelot ever gets an Xarcade/Mame Cab over there. DG wouldn’t mind playing Watson again.

Kudos to you as well Tip. So, what are you doing down in So’Cal? How long have you been here?

Good stuff last night. I had fun watching. Wish I woulda played in the tourney but I wasn’t feelin the stick. Big ups to Vermillion for throwing it.

hey mike ross teach me ST please!! if u dont know who this is im that white looking guy that says whats up along the way to you every now n then usually at camelots

ohh shit your afro legends. my gametag is TDecepticons. you beast on me and the rest of us all the time well mostly. damn i wish you did enter the tourney so would have known if watson could beat you. those would have been intense matches.