Camelot GGXX Weekly 7/31

  1. Selfscience (Sol, Dizzy, Millia, Potemkin, Anji)
    2)Chaotic Blue (Jam, Johnny)
    3)ID (Millia, Sol)
    4)Varun (Baiken)
    5)Power (Testament) / Deuce (Faust)


o yah congrats to all the winners in the ggxx tourney today.
Major props to a homeboy by the name of the selfscince for taking the tourney :)~!


Good shit Jon


Good Job Jon. I wish I could have made it, but the record store was calling me. I fell victim to it again!:smiley:


Happy B-Day Self, u deserved that one!!

keep wreckin shit


Saifs millia is gosu :slight_smile: gj self on taking 1st ur dizzy is getting real good

oh and every watchs powers video is dope


GGs to Hung and all the other fools I played in the tourney, and congrats to Jon and everyone else who placed!


Hey, is this ever goin up on Apex, I’m curious as to what the pre-Evo standings are.


thanks guys. everyone come down to poly thursday nite!!! no weekly this week.

just posted (thanks ace!)